First תרג”ד ‘s advanced training battalion artillery corps

הכוחות במהלך התרגיל, השבוע. צילום: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

During the exercise, which took place this week, practiced dealing with forces and commando forces artillery. The formation of the battalion is part of an effort to reinforce the artillery corps

תאריך: 18/05/2012, 12:44    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל ואלעד לביא

Dealing with commando forces, artillery assistance in one of the sectors of process stability and reserve forces: all those seriously spend the battalion’s first new advanced training artillery corps (אמ”ת battalion), the establishment is part of a comprehensive reorganization focused force increases the amount of available artillery support forces in wartime.

The exercise, conducted this week, coached the Warriors by training Regiment war scenarios unfolding, according to IDF maintains trend of training towards unexpected scenarios.
Leading Brigadier General Amir abulafia, Commander of 91st Division. “The workout brings to the fore the role of the regiment: artillery assistance. While he practices the soldier is still in training, training experience, “regiments to IDF commander home site
Tothanot field school (strange people), Col. Itzik. “It’s an unprecedented magnitude regarding this sector.

First תרג”ד ‘s advanced training battalion artillery corps

Last November the regiment אמ”ת was established (advanced training), moving the Gunners advanced practice base their cloned. The establishment is part of a restructuring in which the actual purpose is evacuation more forces for artillery support operations
In the foreground. Prior to founding אמ”ת, all regular artillery regiment which contained two batteries (power corresponding to the company) was advanced training battery attached. Due to the lack of training and lack of content of young soldiers to the routine of the Warriors, it was decided to move the regiment advanced training that allows to perform any activity in the eye “chshrthiot”. Instead the battery was advanced for additional battery Regiment, which magnifies the regiment’s operational capabilities.
Without extra budget, reorganization, told through a strange people. “we took, for example, the battery and shibeta ze’elim, shooting only for the benefit of training or training without an operational mission, and we destroyed them. Fighters destiny received new batteries operational and training iishim batteries every time other troops get shoot an enormous amount of shells, and use this skill later. We come to a new level of operational qualification, “said Col. Shahar. He said more ramparts and rituals “can have more cooperation with u.s. forces. Our purpose is to give artillery to manipulate and assistance we can give more and better than ever. “

During the training can focus on practice of logistical challenges, one scene is such that dealing extensively since the second Lebanon war. Tothanot military school initiated during practice oriented faults, to simulate possible situation and practice of logistics battalion. For example, make sure the logistics to supply shortage was filled, and ordnance personnel worked worked around the clock to fix problems in the cold the armored vehicles. “The logistical aspects of the taught as part
The training of commanders, “said Maj. Hussain, a logistics officer of tothanot school. “Our goal is to get the captains to deal with acts of this kind.”

Instead visited a logistics Corps officers who deal with the initial project: a year of industry delegation and in command, measures the length of time it takes for troops to perform a “full” – when the regiment leaves for a break from fighting to obtain supplies such as food, fuel, ammunition, water and medical supplies. Until now this measurement has been primarily in the exercises of the armored Corps and the first measured tspokat chain in the artillery corps. “Our goal is to determine the lead time required for each tool and the army, said archaeologist, Lieutenant methods Dima kaganovich.

Translated from Hebrew