First draft of new system operators “magic wand”

About 200 soldiers were enlisted to air defense, tighten half iron dome batteries “and others will complement the various weapon systems, and even in the first battalion of” magic wand “

תאריך: 28/11/2012, 12:04    
מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, חיל האוויר

A few days after operation “pillar”, which resulted in unprecedented success of “iron dome” system intercepted and of more than 400 missiles and rockets, enlisted today about 100 soldiers tighten new iron dome batteries. ” Home Air Defense opened another course to train them quickly and thoroughly.

“Iron dome” becomes especially our manpower, “said Commander of air defense command, Brig. Gen. Shahar Shohat. In operation ‘ pillar ‘ had important successes beyond the weapons system itself, in the context of fighting skills and their qualifications. Were almost nil.
Of errors. They have physical strength as do living field conditions and mental strength, understanding what their job involves and what happens if they iitao.

100 additional troops was today ishtbzzo weapon systems of air defense command, responsible for country name protection and protection from missiles and rockets.
Nowadays, the array is in the midst of huge development momentum: thus, on developing operational systems such as “press” magic “, ו”שרביט the array to become soldiers to man the new systems.

In 2013: first battalion to magic wand

“The array change him,” stated Brig. Gen. Shohat. “Our point of view has changed, and in 2013 will be the first battalion to magic wand, ability to defend against missile and aircraft”. Just this week for the first publication of ‘ magic wand ‘, designed to intercept medium-range missiles, which failed to intercept the enemy goal.

More than 200 recruits 15% of them girls–will come at the end of the haiolle to air defense. There will be a route March training fighters, and training specific to the weapon systems which will. “The array is at the forefront of action,” said
Brig. Gen. Shohat warriors and future combat, “whether it is terrorism, steep course in short ranges in close to larger missiles from countries far away. We employ systems on a global scale, Hawk and Patriot systems breakthrough in Israeli world as iron dome press.

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