First experiment proved his durability in the Golan Heights against terrorist activity.

תרגיל הפגיעה בגדר. צילום: ניר גל, דו”ץ

Set solid remains even when firing missiles, and found that it softens the impact strength in case of clashes. The fence is only one element in strengthening preparedness in sector

תאריך: 30/09/2013, 10:37    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הצפון

In the sector of the Golan continued high readiness level in holidays
And thereafter: in recent weeks the Division fighters rehearsed operations operational sector employment in, and suddenly a new experiment in the new border fence along the Golan Heights last test of its challenge.

The new fence is similar to the sand project in the South of the country, meant to prevent tampering of hostile elements from the Syrian side, which is found without control due to mtachllat civil war across the border. The IDF conducted all the possibilities, and arrived this week.
The Brigade forces dominating the first test of the fence. Colonel Eric Chen, Commander of the Brigade explained about the aim of the experiment. “The purpose of the experiment is to find out what weaknesses and what are the benefits of reality of the sand fence. It is important to take the findings and translate them into meanings. “

First experiment proved his durability in the Golan Heights against terrorist activity.

After the successful test, Israel Defense Forces the ability to set and maintain the patrol forces in an ambush situation. “Ultimately the same patrol car experiencing a shooting over the fence know how he operates, without question marks. Most cases are closed in the initial power level. No power to wait for reinforcements and tanks
In the first phase. As could be seen, crops also forces the ability to cross the fence if necessary, “said Colonel Chen.

The situation forces seemed more exchanges of fire between IDF forces and enemy forces.
The effect is clear-set standing firm against any kind of shooting, and softened
The force of the impact. “In case of attack strength, strength is much less significant due to the placement of the fence. Damage from a missile fired towards a car traveling on the fence comes less intensity. In case of encountering no problem forces placed the vehicles to protect them.
And shoot at the enemy, “the Colonel added.

First experiment proved his durability in the Golan Heights against terrorist activity.

Set in the midst of construction,
Rises to a height of five meters high and barbed wire and trenches, dugouts against Adam.
In addition to the established also a combat strength of allowing rapid alert and prior attempts. Additional changes in the sector, is changing the number of troops stationed in sector and quality. In recent years it was customary that reserve troops manning the border, come to the Golan infantry divisions of troops scheduled to respond to the growing number of incidents in the area.

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