First glimpse “grenade” Cruiser force commandos of the southern border

צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

When did operation cast lead, established Givati restart “Cruiser” grenade, the commando force able to combat terrorism in the mrhabio of southern command.
The training unit:

תאריך: 23/08/2011, 13:03    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט

A classic of southern command are sold to activities of terrorist organizations and terrorists, as indeed occurred last Thursday, the terrorist attack in Eilat who took the lives of seven Israelis. For years, the South remained orphaned from any significant commando force Phenom instant combat terrorist cells operating in the region.

The northern command have guaranty unit, central command operates the “cherry”.
When did operation cast lead and as a solution to the shortage, the IDF decided to establish the “grenade” Cruiser left from August last year, commando force of the Givati Brigade.

The unit will be capable to fight the enemy in all conditions in the South, whether
This urban environment and of delusive or desolate desert is endless.
The main mission is to thwart hostile terrorist activity. A year of establishment, joined the micro-tavor shooting training of first team and team historic.

Shooting practice-Tabor in open areas of Yemen in field camp, where also the headquarters division. A small company of bronze warriors standing dutifully in mash, shamicro-black tborim depend on the natural side of their bodies. Captain, Lieutenant j., desert sun burn, explains in a peaceful voice all. Until a few minutes ago shooting instructors tried to “run the show” and let the condescending tone of commanders.
, Scolded. But it is more. Everything from himself the rest. The tenth leader of releasing them back to the base, and returns without fuss matters into his own hands. The relaxed mood of the new warriors and co soak leaves room for doubt-this is indeed a special unit.

“Human stuff here is very special; Ethiopian, Russian Orthodox, Druze, individual soldiers, children of doctors and all, “says Lieutenant y. IDF site this diversity that makes them very closely.” Now, for the first time, a number of soldiers from the unit were מ”כים class. The organic chain of command of “grenade” begins to take shape, the best
The best that careful nbrarim almost surgically.

Different but similar reddish shirts of masked soldiers, standing in line in front of the goals. Very professionally are ranges in the carton. Standing shooting.
Squatting, shoot. Hit. Run to test the results and compare them, and calmly. “Why does it say” locked them? “I asked the team, also. He smiled and pointed to his head, “is that we’re locked on target.”

Every tradition we start — will remain for future generations

Lieutenant y. it leaves a special unit of the Israeli air force. The transition between being a warrior shadows over Virgin unit not yet solidified the identity seem completely natural to him. “It’s a special feeling,” he says, “for many years there was a new unit in the IDF there things that anywhere else.” So, after the course, he strove to make intriguing unit that started to embroider.

However he is aware of his challenging class first leader of Sayeret Rimon. “Everything you do, for better or for worse-the only be portrayed,” he says, “all concrete tradition we start will remain for future generations.”

A break in training. Another mash one and stormed the food boxes and the crisp, shnicilim. Fill out a few other successes and quickly escape the shadow by area.
The loneliness of the pioneers of the first omtkat by the creation of independent value. Apart from the shirts and pomegranate accents rabkistity lining the kitbagim of the soldiers, apparently new traditions find their way. “There’s a lot of value,” says team leader “really gave them the feeling that they have Mommy and Daddy, they’re something something special.”

צילומים: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

כיצד מגיעים ל”רימון”?

בכדי להגיע ליחידת “רימון” יש לעבור גיבוש יח”טיות של גבעתי
עם הגיוס לחטיבה, או להגיע ישירות לרימון דרך יום סיירות, במסלול שלדג,
סיירת מטכ”ל וכו’. היחידה כפופה לגדס”ר גבעתי (שועלי שמשון), אך אינה שותפה
לכל אימוניה ומוסמכת בנפרד.

בדומה לגדס”ר, אורך המסלול הוא כשנה וארבעה חודשים, במהלכן הלוחמים
מוכשרים בנושאים ייחודים, חלקם מסווגים. ביניהם: ניוד, ניווט, הסוואה,
לוט”ר (לוחמה בטרור), קורס צניחה, קליעה, צליפה, תצפית ועוד. כמו-כן הם
מוכשרים לשימוש באקדחים ובמיקרו-תבור.

Translated from Hebrew