First: local authority used in the simulator of the HFC

צילומים: יהודה ארי גרוס, דובר צה”ל

The city of Netivot, Southern District of the home front command, used with missiles on the city in a special Simulator. The exercise examined cooperation between the various emergency officials

תאריך: 17/03/2013, 08:59    
מחבר: יעל זהבי ודנה פטרוב, אתר צה“ל

In the HFC: local authority practices scenario Simulator infantry of the HFC. The people of the city of Netivot, Southern District of the HFC, practiced last weekend with a rocket from Gaza City, in a war scenario. The exercise was attended by 80 people, Mayor of Netivot
Among them the Mayor, Yehiel Zohar, together with Defense Minister Avi Dichter, who chose to visit a simulator during his last day on the job.

First: local authority used in the simulator of the HFC

The scenario envisions a situation where as a result of firing missiles damaged water infrastructure and communications in the city.
In addition, a direct hit on a residential building and a geriatric institution which caused casualties.
“Practicing geriatric institution impact the meaning of handling and health factors,” explained to the IDF website, District Commander Colonel Doron Mor-Yosef. “The essence of the exercise is to create dialogue between the factors in response to the event and their work across various government agencies for the assistance.

Next to the County personnel practiced the scenario sets the various representatives of the Commission, including the education, welfare and health. “The above-mentioned senior practitioners performing the assessment given the data they get from the field-emergency organizations, residents ‘ reports to 106 and external information reaches them,” said the Commander. He noted that
“They get reports of organizations wishing to help sanitation problems, residents in shelters and so on, need to address. The Simulator exercise is as close as possible to reality in such conditions that there’s infrastructure that also machshiba the characteristics of time and space “.

First: local authority used in the simulator of the HFC

The practice of the city of Netivot Simulator paves the way for local authorities. The municipality of Rishon Lezion is expected to reach already Simulator at the end of the year, and depending on the lessons of the exercises possible extraction followed by other authorities will.
Training Simulator “allows us to learn things we didn’t know before, although our experience in such scenarios,” testified the Mayor of Netivot Yehiel Zohar, “it is essential to give us an answer, in real-time, to 32 thousand residents.

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