First: military preparatory program for students from the Orthodox religious

צילום: דוברות המכינות הקדם-צבאיות

The military made the open the year with a growth of 18% in the number of apprentices. 4 making news to act this year.

תאריך: 09/02/2013, 15:42    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

מכינות קדם צבאיות

The military made the preinstallation start these days the school year – indicating a significant increase of campers. Over -3,300 students will begin their studies in making the census throughout the country, which is an increase of about 18% from the previous year. Four new year begin their preparatory activities, including
One for Orthodox Yeshivas to graduates later joined.

Freshman orientation.
The military cadets from the Orthodox religious founded in Jordan Valley, near the settlement.
The first cycle of indwelling “Harari” attend a 15. By making it opened
As mentioned above, three making news – o opens in Kibbutz Ravid, o friends at o bar and Jonathan field at Kibbutz alumim – the area villages.

In addition, three new extensions will make existing elsewhere in the country – the right Prep orad in hatzor haglilit opened a branch in migdal haemek, indwelling West in Quarry opened a branch in Paran and pre-army acre opened a branch in Haifa. Orad o right is intended
Ethiopian and Commonwealth immigrants and Ben rest reduce the percentages dropped out of
Military service and proper during integration.

The activity in the military are made-in coordination with IDF personnel Directorate, that joining them requires postponing the matter, and sometimes more. Many are making them too
Youth International, who came to do and enlisting in the army.

That prepare
The military factor constitute an educational framework for training young people for military service, and in combat units and volunteer in command and leadership courses, according to the IDF’s needs and in accordance with it. That prepare also encourage social involvement and responsibility
Leadership roles in the military and in the country. The preparatory programs are dedicated to strengthening Jewish-Zionist identity, for State and society issues, Zionism and democracy and love of the people and the country. Most preparatory programs combine volunteer work with the local community in the area where the preparatory works.

Translated from Hebrew