First: military preparatory to the Druze community members

דובר צה”ל

The military preparatory to the Druze community members opened last night (3)
At daliat El-Carmel • during the year the campers will learn, among other things, on training
Leadership, personal empowerment, navigation and Hebrew language • “young its preparatory
Druze have the proper education and enter all the circuits, even in the army and then citizenship. “

תאריך: 03/09/2008, 00:10    
מחבר: טל מויסה

The military prep school the first of its kind for the Druze community members open
Gates officially for the first time next week for the first thirty members of the gums.
The prep school is for boys who have completed high school and aims to prepare graduates so that they become leaders and be able to participate in the elite units in the IDF and the civil administration after military service. The prep school is located adjacent to Beit Yad LeBanim Druze soldier in daliat El-Carmel, and was established following a joint initiative of the manpower Directorate, Maj. Gen. Elazar Stern and the Druze, gadn Colonel (Ret.)
Lviv shuffle, also serving as the Director. “I have many years of experience in the fields of IDF and preparation tasks with the Druze youth” shows itself. “I am not a person who believes in anachtot and I believe the young guys need to take initiative, to think big and to be involved and influential.”

Druze education framework that exists in Israel does not allow in-depth preparation and good enough compared to other leading schools in the country that do not belong to the sector. The grant graduates an equal opportunity gaps facing Israeli society. Accordingly, the prep school reject the army recruitment. During that year, volunteer in the community, undergo training on leadership and personal empowerment as well as lessons in navigation,
Topography, combat fitness, computers, the Druze heritage history and Hebrew language improvement. In addition, campers a chance to pass the tests that have been the first in order to improve team results (quality) and Depp (initial aptitude test) and can fit into the elite IDF units after the cadet training program, the Druze are able to deal with other boys. ”

Deputy Minister Vilnai Druze warriors Azi “soul do currently apply everywhere and anywhere in the army.”

The Druze community boasts an impressive percentage of the best construction, about 83 percent of the army recruits including about 58 percent no 1A, the most elite units in the IDF as Sayeret Matkal and pilot course, impressive fundraising, even compared to the Jewish population in Israel. Committee members fought over the years throughout Israel wars contributed
And yet significant contribution to the security of the State. For it delivered 106 shadow
Receiving the Committee members, eight of them in the second Lebanon war.

Open the last specified (g) ceremony in the prep school in daliyat Al-Karmel.
The ceremony was attended by Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai, Mr., head of the Druze community, Sheik oapec tarif, Chairman of the Jewish Agency Mr. Ze’ev Bielski, the Director, Colonel (Ret.) Lviv devour, head of IDF populations, Colonel Achmed, ramis and the first preparatory class. “At the end of the war of independence in 1948 made a pact between
The Druze community and the State of Israel, “said Deputy Minister Matan Vilnai. Druze warriors Azi “soul do currently apply everywhere and anywhere. Thanks to the young.
Many Druze have the proper education and enter all the circuits, even in the army and after
In the Druze community.


Translated from Hebrew