First military unit operating hospitals in conventional layout

אילוסטרציה: תרגיל רופאים במילואים

The cast lead operation implemented recently, when it was decided that the unit will help hospitals not only unconventional layout but also in the event of a missile attack.

תאריך: 09/12/2012, 15:43    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

In an emergency situation, like the one that recently hatooedno him in pillar, each plays its role: soldiers take place, either the rear or in the field, follow the civil provisions of the HFC, and patients are to receive wounded. The problem starts when some of the most important departments in the hospital, such as premature births Department shattered by intensive care or are in areas that do not
Protected and may be at risk during war. Here come in the public relations, military units of hospitals.

“Every hospital in the country attached 2-4 of the public relations companies, depending on the size of the hospital, told IDF site staging head hospitals in front command, Lieutenant Colonel Judith Dunn. “They are recruited for war, and to help non-conventional layout
As a chemical attack. Since cast lead we lessons and realized they could also help in fighting a conventional layout, “she explained.

Indeed, the lessons learned from operation cast lead instrumental single activity
During the operation, “pillar”, and led to the rapid preparation of hospitals. “Once we got the message about the Elimination of Jabari, consequent on the emergency,” said Lieutenant Colonel Dahan. “The emergency room of barzilai hospital, for instance, was not protected, but once home.
Started moving together with the nsru, took a few hours until the Department moved to a protected space.

In addition to the reserve troops of the publicity, helped hospitals in operation also in the last regular troops of the HFC. “We realized that if you can recruit soldiers from harm (base the HFC’s), so there’s no reason to rush to call reservists,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Dahan, “there’s an advantage to the company, already trained with the particular hospital they are associated with. In addition, “Lt. Col. Turki said some hospitals, like Kaplan, recruited teachers to hire legions of children, their schooling when they eliminated Greece residents of the South.”

Translated from Hebrew