First Minister of protecting “2011: SMS alert on sewage leakage

This is the eighth year in which prize will be awarded by the Minister of environmental protection shield “to army units and soldiers who committed to environmental projects

תאריך: 27/07/2011, 19:04    
מחבר: נעמה רק

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the eighth time the Minister shield Award for environmental protection “, thanks to IDF units and soldiers who committed to environmental projects as part of their work. During the ceremony the winners will receive the prize from the hands of the Minister of environmental protection Gilad Arden, and Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Chief.

The purpose of this annual competition is to encourage personal initiative in the field of environmental, and serve as an inspiration to other units, following the outstanding projects can learn
On the subject and his environmental and Green movements initiated by themselves.

The unit category, first place the construction of the northern command, thanks to a unique warning system to prevent sewage leakage to ground units installed. The project developed a system tailored to the needs of the IDF and alerts in real-time via SMS, the faults may lead to the rise of the water level in the pumping station
Overflowing and sewage leakage to ground.

The system was installed in sewage pumping stations adjacent to IDF military advocate general camps, enabling to handle faults and thus prevent damage to natural resources. This system is especially important in the North, since the flow of sewage to soil drainage basin area, may cause water pollution. In addition to the unit award, Zahi אע”צ Friedman, who led the project, won third place in the category.

In second place was awarded to רפ”ט unit, which has developed a device for cleaning the air filters of רק”ם until device development filter cleaning was cumbersome and messy, caused the emission of dust and sand into the room and put health care workers. As in Greece that cleaning filters, many of them broken and thrown in the garbage. The new facility allows to clean the filters and
To use, automatically and in a closed room, and collects the dust emitted in the process. The third place was given to קחש”ר, thanks to environmental training program of ordnance Corps created by its members. The plan included a binder box to maintain the environment in space activity
Of the Corps, expanding the amount of Trustees and environmental protection alone, combining environmental topic in arms controls courses, apprenticeship to the officials in the field and more.

CPL. Nuphar Beaton, who won first place in the category ‘ personal shield, it is that education in the South, which led to papers in iachidata project combined with active community volunteer. In Curtis’s initiative, the only soldiers have volunteered in blind children in Beersheba, operated by אלי”ע Association (Association for the advancement of blind and sighted children) for children who are blind and sighted son cuvée one to three years, some suffer from mental retardation and developmental delay.

In addition to working with children, the soldiers formed created using recycled materials, cloth and subject, including sensory measures like buttons and Twinkies for pleasure and to promote the development of the children. Second in this category came from Captain Andrei soslikov from the Director of environmental protection, following the establishment of the military’s Web site. The site is open to all licensed factors for using military computer and information available in the environmental sector, including material on environmental hazards and ways to address them. In third place, won in space zachi Friedman.

Shield competition the Minister of environmental protection also includes photo competition, which invited soldiers, and even send pictures you shot that discusses the link between the IDF and the environment. First place was awarded to natural engineering ‘ image by Sgt. Michael schwadron of filming of the IDF during the exercise. In second and third place received photos of bud to bottom of the intelligence Corps and major deer.

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