First pour from class discovery and alert in the air force.

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When producing lessons from the last round of escalation that air defense school will start to train soldiers to detect launchings of missiles and rockets into Israel

תאריך: 07/05/2012, 17:06    
מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, אתר חיל האוויר

A small unit in the IAF is responsible for one of the most important tasks of the force: revelation by missiles and rockets into Israel areas. Launches tracking done 24 hours a day, in the Centre of ballistic image management (NAT)-18 months in air defense.

So far, the unit trained pledges independently, using ‘ courses which were passed in the order itself. Soon open air defense school new course that will prepare them for the role: “the discovery that notice. “Air defense school will prepare the order soldiers at all levels, in accordance with the operating concept which has developed and improved as a result of lessons learned in recent escalations,” explains Lt. Col. Gershon Zlotnik, Chief law and guidance at the tower. “most of the training will be taken at school, when sometimes the soldiers in training.

The change in the qualifications is expected to ease to “transfer of training to the aerial defense training and preparing a full-fledged Tower array, enable to engage in operational mission,” explains Maj. Ofir wallfisch, so when the training was us, part of our resources were better. Now we can focus 100% on the discovery mission to alert “.

The order is one of the complexes are responsible for monitoring and control of the missiles and rockets are fired towards Israel. After the discovery, the soldiers have seconds to evaluate the launch track and determine the estimated point of impact based on data and information from different detection systems which are connected to the Center is responsible for determining the relevance of
Launch: is it a threat or not?

If the beam may harm the population, in order to transfer the information to the home front command, which runs the “red alert” for risk areas.

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