In a combined effort between the Israeli Navy, ISA, and the Israeli Police, forces arrested Salim Jamal Hassan Na’aman in April 2016. He was apprehended after his vessel deviated from the designated fishing zone.

Na’aman explained to his investigators that he was involved in smuggling weapons, ammunition, and materials used to manufacture rockets intended for Hamas and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, he conveyed information on Hamas plans to use fishermen to disguise terror activity and how fisherman support smuggling efforts between Gaza Strip and Egypt.

This news comes at the heels of a recent IDF (Zahal) decision to expand the fishing zone in Gaza from 6 nautical miles to 9 nautical miles. The move is expected to significantly bolster Gaza’s fishing industry.

Another development is the increased smuggling efforts between Hamas and ISIS in the Sinai. This coordination has been confirmed by IDF (Zahal) officials and is only one element of the Hamas-ISIS relationship.

These events prove the importance of Israeli measures intended to ensure the security of its civilians and prevent Hamas terror efforts in the Strip. The Israeli Navy understands the threats these terror organizations pose on Israel’s southern border, and continues to prepare for these challenges.