Fledglings of the HFC was first examined in the command and control challenges.

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

As part of the מ”בוחן he took” dozens of cadets and cadets as part of completing the course, officers of the home front command, tested the ability of cadets to decision pikodies under conditions of fatigue and pressure

תאריך: 14/06/2012, 20:13    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Scores of cadets and cadets finish today (Thursday) the completion of the course, officers of the home front command. The fresh function as commanders officers in פקע”ר boards: walkthrough, and with commanders in search and rescue brigades. Some bosses will shape the face of the home front command battalion, “Tabor”, walks his first steps for several months.

The current cycle was first completed in a similar cut to it 1, and it was the first time the cadets make “intensive” examiner, which faced challenges of command and control under conditions of fatigue and stress. The current completion was inspired in the 1 to 2 major axes: subjects, which included all the professions: extract, אב”ך, population, etc., depending on the axis, and Cadet leadership was commanding challenges.

“In this period we built the entire sequence of course completion,” explained the head of the IDF site commanders, Lieutenant Colonel Shai bellaiche, “we discussed quite a bit on the subject of leadership, strength and touch.
Because the current attribution bayomi we expect damage to rear it was important for us to work much on magnified scenarios have challenged his commanders with pikodies not only dilemmas we gave them the tools to respond when a natural disaster or war. Lt. Col. Ahmet noted that “created for cadets complex problems we of them respond in planning”.

The current cycle was the first in which the certification was made by “testing”.
“We created a complex test specifically for Kashruth required commanders,” explained head of controls, “which examines all 30 hours of intensity of work scenarios: first, navigation
Cadet 20 km at night and then went to vest, running to the rescue of several hours and signed in on אב”ך protection.

After all the capzzot and the racket took the cadets to study for a test. “This is a test of decision-making, to see how they work and what conditions they take decisions. I can testify that the test succeeded and effectively challenge the cadets in shape
Marvelously “. “The examiner” was for the certification period, so officers will not stand for him again next cycle.

“In light of significant threats on the home front, Israel פקע”ר to the commanders and the new geography, “he said after the ceremony פקע”ר רמ”ט, Brig. Gen. Zvika Tessler, adding that” we understand that every conflict or natural disaster the HFC Israel need to responding to citizens. Our goal is to save lives and improve the stamina of the hinterland of the State Israel. All this and more trained. Tonight, you know, to think independently and while fidelity to task and purpose. “

Translated from Hebrew