Flowers in the barrel.

טקס חניכת השמורה, בשבוע שעבר. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Commanding indicate change Earth Day in exceptional form: nature’s income into the base.

תאריך: 22/04/2012, 13:31    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

As the future commanders of shamlo IDF on moving set of strange people (from school and living subjects) for six months, they know they’re doing it to protect
On the territory of the country. Not because terrorists or enemy as fighters, but fearing
A somewhat routine threats: grass and cows herds are waiting. The soldiers changed the structure of the camp to allow to absorb into the nature reserve, so that the responsibility which it forwarded to the IDF in unprecedented agreement signed last week with the nature and Parks Authority.

IRIS petrana reserve, containing a high concentration of the rare and endemic
For Israel, the area was incorporated into the base of the מ”כים training Regiment” desert rats. The unique agreement signed following the initiative of Lieutenant Colonel, Aland, explain that “we have a responsibility to maintain the vast space and this important launch base, enabling us to instill into all the living commanders the importance of preserving the nature of the relationship between reinforcement
The Rath (the nature and Parks Authority – Ltd.) to Israel.

Flowers in the barrel.

Under the agreement, the main trail, which you can enter through the gate from the base or the entrance is open to visitors, has received the name “engagement,” and controls erected ten information stations for the military side content (from trail to the charge). The saved views become part of a training
The commanders, who moved her training, which will often administer it, nurture it and especially to protect rare flower and the bustling life that before going on two and four (as mentioned, the harm cattle plants).

“Who doesn’t love the land, the land, unable to fight her. When the educators from our practice, we make it look they give to the environment even during military action and imsaro the injury ends such activity and buy the feeling
Belonging, “said IDF control site, Colonel Ronen Marley strange people, who took part in the ceremony.
It signed the Convention passes monitoring reserve battalion and the entrance to the film for the reserve last week. “Thousands of חי”רניקים, the best sons of Israel, passing through each year. Them out the IDF command and many get caught then also
Places in Israeli society. They are at the stage of learning as much as possible. Because here begins.
Tomorrow’s command — hence see the changes. The mnachilim here to their underlings around men. will in turn keep officers deliver the values-not process ends and is a real contribution to the State of Israel. “

The launch event was also attended by representatives of the Israel nature and Parks Authority, which transferred the authority
Reserved for adopting uniforms. “We are changing the perception of the soldiers the dusty Negev, hot and boring,” said District Manager South Bert, Raviv Shapira. “Soldier who work here think things are very different. Work on the reservation allows the deepening and broadening of knowledge and vision of the future, and knowledge is power. This project creates better controls
Commanders who know, “he said.

This week, Earth Day and spring blossoms scraps, will begin patrols of commanders, in order to strengthen the supervision of the reserve, located in the heart of the fetus
Poor development environmental qualities, and to enhance the connection to nature.
“The desert foxes applicants for its ל”מגן project Minister of the environment, and his officers emphasize that it is only one element of green activities developed in the regiment with emphasis on water and electricity saving and recycling solutions.

Cooperation with the Rath (the nature and Parks Authority) is remarkable agreement, stated,
The senior times are permitted and the opening shot, merely cooperation and tighten between the bodies. Before asdiro already signed treaties the IDF reserves during training and behavior that you want when you save the activity. “If we suffer hits tanks and nature reserves, the day you’ve rarely happen. Cooperation shows a very high quality results, “said Senior Brett.  “Our goal is to strengthen our cooperation with the Palestinian Authority,” said the battalion commander and the new headquarters, Lieutenant Colonel Aland.

Translated from Hebrew