Flowers in the barrel.

הכנס, השבוע. צילום: מת”ק עזה

Manages coordination in transition “packed” training conference held in the field of flower growth, representatives from the Gaza Strip. “Our work is based on Israeli know-how, a resident of the Gaza Strip

תאריך: 02/12/2011, 15:40    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The coordination and liaison Administration for the Gaza Strip, which is responsible for coordination across the various factors, training conference held this week in the growing field of flowers, where 24 delegates booked from the Gaza Strip, including farmers and agricultural societies.
The Conference, held at Erez, “held against the backdrop of the start exporting carnations from the Gaza Strip,
As shashtalmot has focused on crop protection in winter and in the export process.

“There is no natural topographical border between Israel and Gaza”, explained agriculture Coordinator dies, Ben Mader. “And Israel issues can go to Gaza City, and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to give farmers in the Gaza Strip, the corresponding knowledge, “he explains. He said about eight percent of Gaza’s agricultural produce intended for export.

The knowledge and input of Israel part of the agricultural growth and export from Gaza, as well as compliance with international standards. “Carrying water systems, ground testing and sample the produce before exporting accompanied by the dead, the dead allows
Their AIDS farmers need, mainly in special equipment to agricultural growth — including shipping, guidance and support at high officials, described from.

Courses of this type are held roughly once a month. The current Conference were the farmers on the flowers. Gaza residents ‘ expertise in the field of flowers is an American Zen nail
Which has a demand on the flowers in the Netherlands (VBA). This year will export 20 million Gaza flowers and made of strawberries, peppers and cherry tomatoes.

The main issues that the Conference had dealt the last ties with winter, sorting and packaging products for export. Expert and consultant in the field of flowers, Joseph Moshe, was the lecturer. “It is important to conduct these conventions in order to improve the sector and to increase it.
The intention is to bring a variety of other crops, “noted Moshe. He stressed that the meeting is designed to help farmers understand how the application of knowledge, from harvesting to export space.

“I think that participants thirsty for knowledge. They’re looking for innovation – we can offer them, of course, against the backdrop of various limitations they have. We should try and help the marketing aspect, and image to increase profit in a better way, “he explained.

It is apparent that the Conference participants expressed their satisfaction with the common ahashtalmot. “For us it is a livelihood”, bound for home killed. “The information that we receive and the support of the dead, a very vital Flower quality is ultimately the main factor affecting the space, “he noted.  For Israel, Ayman Siam Rafah is the main source of information. “I learned a lot about packing, and all my work is based on knowledge accumulated in Israel for many years,” Siam.

Export project done in corporate PARK and the Government of Netherlands. It decided to help the Palestinians on the issue of agriculture manufacturer, and part of that three-and-a-half million dollars this season. “The trend is to reduce dependence on Israel, and Gaza strap will be able to produce food for itself. This is what allows a life in Gaza, “said Mader.

Translated from Hebrew