Following the shootings in elaborate systems targeted to the cannons

As part of the investigation in the event of power where serious ran reserve artillery and almost hurt our troops, it was decided to combine automated systems that allow more precise targeting. Initial release

תאריך: 29/04/2012, 11:05    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Cannon’s intentions in the reserve brigades replaced automatic system
Quickly and easily allowing more efficient fire-following lessons inference research targeted the event, which ran power reserve artillery attacks at the end of last year.
As noted,
During the exercise, conducted last December, when artillery artillery battalion’s aid
The exercise of the reserve Division, there was a mistake in the shooting, in which shells fell on the anomaly of approximately 1,200 meters from the target, mortars fell near the reserve Brigade fighters and senior commanders who were at that time in the exercise. Initial tests of the Committee staff testified that the shooting was an error in the cannon that was spotted by the team, thus arresting the crew Commander and repair factory the Greece At this point turn
In contrast to procedures and performed as Greece and renewed shooting without all required safety guidelines to ensure that the problem is corrected properly and you can continue shooting and consequently the problem uncorrected.

As part of the conclusions of the inquiry conducted by the GoC army headquarters, the ה”רוכב, the cannons used by reserve forces, included automatic systems, gyro-based, that allows precise targeting within minutes. According to sources in the safety and quality control of GoC army headquarters, in the guns of the rides require fieldwork consists of calculations,
And advanced operating skills they require constituted, according to the investigation, the main reason for the incident.

“In systems are advanced systems that don’t require any manual measurements and shot quickly and independently,” said an officer in the arm development lair. “Previous intentions required a skilled officer who directs the cannon
Using accessories that is spread on the ground, through intersections and calculations. It took half an hour for skilled worker. Following the investigation obviously can’t continue to give reservists get into complex activities and old-fashioned and should pass the reserve batteries automatic systems. Beyond the fact that they prevent human errors and save the part of the officer, they shot a lot faster. If Givati need urgently, suddenly you don’t have to spend time-adjustment within minutes shell “.

Budgeted cost plan and should receive final approval for procurement soon. The new system also advanced in relation to automatic systems already installed batteries תומ”ת (self-propelled gun) regularly, and is expected to sign in the future also the regular forces artillery.

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