Following the “silly” shock: the IDF emphasizing the importance of disinfecting vegetables

Medical Corps enhance disinfection and hygiene practices, due to the outbreak of the disease in Europe from infection of cucumber Spain

תאריך: 30/05/2011, 18:02    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

Medical Corps responds to deadly ל”מכת cucumbers in Europe: in recent weeks report an unusual morbidity in Europe due to kidney failure due to infectious disease. Since the outbreak of the disease was reported 10 deaths in Germany, and hundreds of patients. Since the outbreak of the disease diagnosed in Germany approximately 276 patients in Sweden were diagnosed in Denmark 25, uk, the Netherlands, and Austria. An investigation of the incident revealed that the morbidity caused by pollution originating in Spain cucumbers.

Medical Corps highlight a special update today for all soldiers and commanders that Israel Army and not imported cucumbers from Spain recently and therefore no danger to the public in Israel and the IDF. Chief, army Col. health Michael Hartel, update today that “people who where in recent days from Germany to Israel are encouraged to contact their physician regarding morbidity and that” there is no recommendation to avoid being in Germany due to this diagnosis.

Lieutenant Colonel hartal indicates that “this sharpens the importance of maintaining personal hygiene among soldiers and food workers. Medical Corps, following the event that allow maximum availability to withstand washing hands with liquid soap and paper wipes and maintaining food feed hygiene procedures defined in קרפ”ר.

Also, according to the guidelines, “keep disinfecting fruit and vegetables and separating
Contaminated food to clean, including separate vegetables before and after, and meat products
And eggs before and after cooking. Lieutenant Colonel hartal indicates “to maintaining food temperature chain: keeping food warm heating and cooling of food in the fridge. Also, keep the food fresh applied the absolute prohibition to transfer food and salads prepared a meal for dinner.

“Keeping these rules will prevent morbidity and health & fitness” IDF Col. Agreement hartal.

Translated from Hebrew