for Caracal battalion; “Operational challenges already open”

מפקד קרקל היוצא,הנכנס ומח”ט שגיא. צילום: ליטל פרי, דובר צה”ל

One of the most unique regiments in the army alongside warriors warriors,
Replaced his commander Col. Abner – replaces Colonel Jackie Ben-expensive to keep Gaza Division. Makhoul Sagi: the Chinese terror is getting stronger. “

תאריך: 02/07/2013, 20:34    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

In an emotional ceremony that took place last week at SDE Boker in the presence of the Commander, Brig. Gen. 80th nadav, unadulterated Zit popping separate Caracal battalion headquarters for two years, Lieutenant Colonel Jackie Ben-expensive and took command, Lt. Col. Abner.

“I excitedly agreement for two years.
Of the battalion, with an on-going operational activities, including the steady himself in the front row and high operational standards in the sector, “said Lt. Col. Ben. “Without
Before, with the difficulties and obstacles which way to create a better reality for the State and residents on the western border. We did day and night without interruption of continuous operational renewal, creativity and originality of the fighters and commanders, “described.

“This is
Special Battalion in IDF where fighters come from men and women from all over the country, as
In the Palmach and on other days, the huge factory in quality and professionalism, “added Lieutenant Colonel Ben. “I can’t not mention the collision event of
The terrorists not far from here not long ago, it showed the battalion commanders and soldiers than they are made and how they are dealing with terrorists to kill.

for Caracal battalion; “Operational challenges already open”

“The end is currently focused training preparing for war” Caracal

Brigade Commander Colonel guy Sagi, Beaton, apart from the saying that “while your command.
Bring the battalion to perform two professional תרג”דים weren’t as good and even better than other divisions regimental exercises. Led the regiment to fire real test any real control expect – the regiment killed terrorists in the western border and make it operational while striving to touch and onslaught.

Magic logs said Colonel Beaton
“As Commander of the IDF battalion at a time so complicated that the Middle East is still surging, terrorism in the Sinai and the military maintains all is not just a budgetary challenge, I entrust to you, professional fighter Regiment, going to every event and human element”.
“Operational challenges already. Be alert, and when it comes to home and respond as you already know.

The Meg, Lieutenant Colonel Friedman said that “in the near future the task will continue to be engraved to all actions and is providing security for citizens of the State of Israel.” He added that “the end
Nowadays training designed to prepare Caracal. I am sure that together we will continue to lead
New achievements and Caracal to win every encounter with the enemy, while preserving the values of the IDF spirit, State, Caracal and heritage bereaved families there. “

Dear Lt. Col. Ben continues to Vice-Commander of the Northern Division. “In the past I was able to come up with the many achievements on the one hand the operational successes and curbing and border violations in the building power, for example in the construction of the rovith company,” said IDF Lieutenant Colonel Ben site. “A special regiment and already developed sector of expertise.
In addition, the integration of men and women is special. I try to push the issue that women also next “.

Translated from Hebrew