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החיילים בשביל ישראל, החודש. צילום: דובר צה”ל

52 days, 1,000 miles and a sweaty and tired soldiers – all these formed the longest walk him Israel walked intelligence unit of southern command, for understanding the Earth and rgvia

תאריך: 25/06/2012, 12:16    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

It took 52 days (not including Saturdays and holidays), but eventually succeeded the southern command intelligence unit, complete the Israel trail.

18/3/2012. The first link is underway. Three months out-links links to spring of Tel Aviv or the dead sea red front up to 4/6/2012, oacha. Seven
Months of preparation leading up to a thousand kilometers completed the unit. End to end Israel-Israel 400 km trail – 940 km and southern command intelligence? Complete 60 km here, as away and created a precedent in the country. 1,000 miles didn’t come.

For Israel

So they gave time, reach and age together. Seven months running the halls “antelopes” soldiers can’t guess what it is. “The idea was a Deputy intelligence officer in command, Lieutenant Colonel Uzi. The first thing he did was to sign on. The code name of the operation – “tell Lieutenant Antelope Noam who was one of the partners to the complex. “Accompanied by a multitude of marketing within the unit, but one not revealed the nature of the project. There were speculation and endless rumors until the end of the project. During the night we have designed the entire Hall like wild. Footprints on the ceiling, Antelope hung. For seven months the soldiers heard Antelope antelope, “she describes with a smile and excitement.

The staff in charge walked silently, touched of time and learn all the footpaths. Not to go.
Lost forever in the country are organized for seven months and gather intelligence, as they know best. All books, maps, recommendations and of course the Internet and finally to have been born like a book – start from the inside and rolled out. 700 pages of carefully planned each Bill Israel, until the smallest resolutions in each track: where, how the left turn, weapons, medical emergencies. Idea
Unusual, that despite a logistics challenge was performed in full. Like everything in intelligence. And all are plaiham.

For Israel

999 bottles of water nshtho in the shade. Only Israel Galilee and Samaria mountains, sculptress and orange caramel and everybody rising sea and round them in a backpack and a stick. And met through the land of Israel. “I went and I – Earth, Sun,” laughs Mary icon.
The pioneers, in every sense, seep. “At first I thought there was no way I could walk for 30 miles and then as soon as I felt the distance!”, says corporal Zahi, “was high when we finished. I really enjoyed it really have spurred me to travel abroad after the army but to travel in Israel.

So after all the soldiers in the unit Earth p, no content used as honey and milk, some see Earthsea do not. «North South East West Sands and adjacent borders — borders to retain soldiers.

“IDF commanders and soldiers to recognize this country, its heritage and its history.
The aim of the project was to instill the values of connection and love the country and soldiers from the unit.
Israel National Trail is, is, is a challenge. That’s consummation which Zionism “describes it.
The initiator, and the wind in your sails, Lieutenant intelligence officer in the southern command, Lt. Colonel Uzi. “We moved between village and city, nature, forests and woodlands, on the outskirts of populated areas, mountains, circuits and completions. Saw Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze.
Smell the Green woodland and landfill sites. The stnoorano of yellow desert.
The we of the beach. Especially seen hurt and sparkle in the eyes of the soldiers and commanders saluted the journey, “concludes Lieutenant Colonel Uzi shbainio the same as sparkle.

They were able to do so. See the entire country and unique things.
Carmel’s only words in Israel, the kibbutz and the moshav in Israel, only Jerusalem of gold only in Israel, independence is always green and the Kinneret Golan only Israel. And military unit
The Israel National Trail in 52 days, only in Israel.

Translated from Hebrew