For now the policy setting hareidi retired soldiers.

As part of implementing the law and strengthen the array. Provided that, even in the reserve include the guaranteed maximum retention of the lifestyle service went and masts
For soldiers

תאריך: 02/07/2012, 16:14    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

As part of implementing the law, and strengthening the atch (manpower planning branch-l) reserve recently on soldiers inlay (Haredi-mix) in.

Depending on the policies that the report will complement the route soldiers to the army reserves in accordance with the hierarchy divided into several sections. The first of them believes in setting critical ב”מקצוע soldier” by critical professions list of reserves from time to time by עתכ”א
Reserve, with the condition that, if the arm can commit to the report within the reserves.

As mentioned above, provided that the report include a promise to serve in the military, where there is much basic synagogue and Torah, kosher food, and alongside men in the first circle of the work.

As part of the policy clarified that regular service sections, which appear in the policy, including Saturdays, holidays, nights, shifts, food, culture and folklore activities, care and discipline, are the relevant sections to the reserve service.

Translated from Hebrew