For the first time: Bedouin fighters Brigade performed combat employment Res.

A reserve company of the desert patrol battalion first operational employment held in the Gaza Strip. The Warriors reached RES service voluntarily, out of a desire to contribute to

תאריך: 26/08/2012, 12:19    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

A reserve company of the desert patrol battalion first operational employment held in the Gaza Strip. The Warriors are dedicated to recruitment, not regular service and reserve service after their release, as the battalion composed of Bedouins, Muslims and Christians. Nevertheless, for many reservists arrived last month, all voluntary. 110 percent in referrals in relation to company expectations.

“As far as we’re concerned it’s peak, Summit, which arrived after a three-year process which formed the company. From a single soldier to a situation in which an entire company performed operational employment.
Last month, described the IDF site reserve company commander in the desert patrol battalion, major (Ret.) June Isaac. “Everyone came for the contribution to the State, to be part of
Her. They all came with high motivation. They say: ‘ we want to contribute
To our country. These are the volunteers of the volunteers, “he added.

When talking about equal service, photo, on conscription to different populations, the reserve Brigade of the desert is fact Geddes.
The aspiration is that battalion to perform reserve helps to strengthen their identity, their relationship with the State and the relation between their family into the country – which will encourage the military service in these populations.

“Destination, he’d be a reserve Regiment composed entirely of officers, commanders and fighters are not committed to the service. Non-Jews, Druze and Circassians never, “explained Maj. (Ret.) Yitzhak. Before becoming battalion, they had to build a company from scratch. During three years recruited fighters, and many were interested. For this reason, a large number of volunteers waits on a waiting list until a reserve Brigade will be added. During these years the establishment, took part in the fighting there the battalions Geddes desert.
The reserve unit was an integral part of the regular battalion exercise, something special and unusual in itself. in addition, the training establishment for the command and any company, Foundation casting and training to improve training for raising the skill of warriors.

“Our uniqueness that each farm fighter, shooting incidents and clashes with terrorists in the regular service. In fact, our company serves as a reservoir of experience that we bring to the IDF’s important reserve twice in Gaza Division, one of the hottest sectors, “said Maj. (Ret.) Yitzhak, adding that this reserve Brigade” warrior, limiting each task. If confrontation in Gaza area company qualified to take part in the task of protecting State security. “

Translated from Hebrew