For the first time established a fund to aid the army recruits

מתגייסים לצה”ל (למצולמים אין קשר לכתבה)

“Liar”, on behalf of society, helps prospective needy are found by the already recruiting offices

תאריך: 22/04/2012, 09:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

For the first time in the IDF and hosted by friends of the Israel Defense Forces, established a fund to aid needy recruits to aid in purchasing additional equipment for military service. Recruits who are already recruiting offices to receive vouchers to use in the network “Ricochet”. The scope of assistance will be annually total of around 200,000 dollars.

It should be emphasized that the IDF provides recruits, and at the rear, all the equipment necessary for them to serve in the IDF (a detailed list of the equipment to recruits) and the new fund only helps equipment addition to recruits who want to.

Behind the “Foundation for the phone company, which was donated to the sponsorship Fund. In preparation for its launch last week, held a comprehensive staff work in cooperation with IDF personnel Directorate and “best practices” which have together organized the coupons.

In 2012 will enlist 550 350 dollars vouchers to use in the network “Ricochet”. The Mel will be assisted by Heather array of recruitment agencies, which locate them yet in the personal interview first.

Which azulai, “Club Director of friends of the Israel Defense Forces, said that” according to verify that we are publishing’s proposed equipment for the draft is approximately 750 shekels to’s. We have identified a need in the wake of calls from anxious parents and serve disadvantaged families and decided to help this layer before enlisted in the army.

Yedidya, Chairman of the Association, said that “we’re hugging the recruits before a. It is important to assist anyone who wants to join the army, and his economic option to purchase needed it “.

Translated from Hebrew