For the first time held a seminar for prospective habad Hasidism

Following the Chabad Hasidism understandings between the army which led to settlement status
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תאריך: 31/10/2011, 11:11    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Following the recent understandings achieved in Chabad Hasidism and the IDF, the first seminar was held for prospective students who have completed or banquet – going towards the end of their meetings. The seminar was held at the Chabad, the Hasidic Judaism’s nerve to over 1,000 families and there is ongoing activity of Hasidism throughout the country.

In fact, Chabad followers joining the army that dozens of years, but never offered them in a timely manner, the various recruitment options. In the past, prospective wasn’t able to determine the first recruitment service routes and relying on word-of-mouth rumors, when ultimately many enlisted without foreknowledge to various positions open in admiration.

Not knowing the many prospective harm when the army mobilization and daunting. But now, after achieving agreements on defining the status of the boys leave for continuing education meeting in ohel milieu of Brooklyn in New York City building.
Initiated in the agudas chasidei Chabad formal Symposium, in which participated the rule triggers the IDF arms and men in the seminar was attended by representatives of the draft of the intelligence Corps, air force, army, Navy, technological and logistics, military Rabbinate and other factors.

About 150 followers of habad participated in the seminar, during which they explained the service routes
In the IDF, emphasizing the special projects that combine the Haredi population in the army, such as the “blue report” or “air force is green” in the intelligence Corps.

Habad Hasidism, the Association initiated the case, said the IDF website that “the historical cooperation achieved with the following understandings. We have no doubt that the seminar was particularly successful, since this is an open hatch of whom I didn’t even know about the various service options in Israel.

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