For the first time in the history of the IDF, the IDF’s education theory: comes out.

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Education corps published its first edition of educational theory in the book is the professional infrastructure and basic education to the IDF

תאריך: 02/04/2011, 18:30    
מחבר: אמנון דירקטור

For the first time since the establishment of the IDF education and Youth Corps published the first edition of the IDF’s education theory in a book containing about 300 pages, first introduced to organized knowledge accumulated education and Youth Corps over the years which partly written in different periods of professional orders, but most of it remained as the oral Torah. This book serves as the professional infrastructure to basic education.

The first chapter presents the framework for education in the army are its concepts, its purpose and its operating method. Also, in this episode and the main processes in the history of education in every chapter in the book including introduction, overview, definitions and concepts, the history of the field, in postulates, rationale, goals and perceptions.

The rest of the book presents the wide range of educational interests in preparation for the IDF, Israeli Jewish identity, values, social reintegration, in a Jewish and democratic State, culture, knowledge of the country and the protection of the environment, heritage
Among the choice in life, leadership, education, personnel training and shiries.

In the introduction to the theory of education, education and youth officer, Brig. Gen. Ali shermister: “education in the army is an important component of command and activity is a military occupation. Education and Youth Corps is a professional authority in the field of education and in this book is the product of the concentration process know-how, mshgato and editing. This book serves as the professional infrastructure to basic education in Israel.

The process of writing and editing staff officers led professional conductors Colonel Roni
Solimany, רמ”ח, Colonel Marcel assouline and Mr. d, major Noa Azoulay in education and Youth Corps. Educational theory circulates to all soldiers and officers, offset education and Youth Corps and army commanders of all ranks.

Translated from Hebrew