For the first time: the Bedouin Scouts integrates the operational reserve

אימון גששי המילואים לפני הפעילות המבצעית. צילום: עומר סלע, דובר צה”ל

After three years of building a reserve Brigade, the Scouts were sent to defend the challenges. They don’t plan to stop there, working on the construction battalion
Full reserve

תאריך: 11/04/2013, 19:00    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

First reserve Brigade of groping going on operational employment, and to take part in activities that guy believing on Egypt’s border. For the evaluation of training company activity held last week in the southern command’s training.

“Historical interest”, said the IDF site southern command Chief of staff, Brig. Gen. Roy elkabetz. “It’s exciting even at the national level. Most Bedouin serve in the southern command and the Bedouin sector a boost in combat roles was the head of the central command Commander, Gen. Rosso, and appears on פד”ם targets.

For the first time: the Bedouin Scouts integrates the operational reserve

The operational employment of the reserve company that you initiated and promoted the Chief Scouts of southern command, Colonel Yossi Hadad, and height of the course includes building a reserve formation among the Bedouin. “Once I realized that soldiers are regular service address to reserve my statement that everyone who wants to join the reserve service system are welcome,” he says. “the site started to gather men to thicken the array and finally stayed
Only those who want to serve. “

It is a process that lasted three years, during which there were several.
“The training was very high motivation and thirsty to do that from an operational employment and OC Southern command has indeed understood the importance of it and it happens,” says Colonel hone. “Now the first time probes company doing it.
And thirsty to do that and pass through reporting to the reserves “.

The commanders intent: recruitment for 18.

The desire to send a message by wearing too much love, and they rallied to a reserve, the company rule. One of the division commanders, Lieutenant Meunière without citizenship, as head of Shibli and as an engineer. The services do not regularly Scout unit, but decided to join the company. “Since our shibeli there are many Scouts, saw fit to join and encourage them,” he explains. “It’s important for me to be here and to be an example to young people.
Deputy without added that “since I want to play this role for the recruitment. I set the target, saying “all 18.

For the third person to reserve mobilization adwan was obvious. “My father was in the army, we recruit education from home. It is clear to me that those children to Scouts, “he says. Third person and he’s lost brother who served in the unit of Scouts depicts the operational activity, but nevertheless encourages the family to continue the tradition
And to enlist.

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Unique company included her father and son, four brothers, a pair of twins, radio broadcaster
Head of a Council and a minority of Jews. “The company is seen melting in shape
Amazing, “says Colonel hone. “My personal relationship with the reserve Brigade proves
Itself when you see the high percentage of immigrants “.

“There is no substitute for private Tracker”

The training prepared the company for employment in their anticipated operational hatm Sagi. “It’s not easy, it is a very active sector and we are filled with motivation for employment,” explains the company commander, Maj. Farid El oseel. This is the third company with training and practice is better than the past. “

“The exercise was successful, we made preparations for operational employment at hatm Sagi,” Colonel hone. “We raised the level of qualification, especially used on vehicle combat, exercise, exercise and Chase company made a mental preparation.”

For the first time: the Bedouin Scouts integrates the operational reserve


Although the existence of a reserve Brigade Scouts is considered a great achievement, but southern command is already planning to expand. “Our goal is to be a reserve battalion of Scouts”, promises General elkabetz.
“All the troops have a reserve unit and no Scouts, then we also aim to be a strong third person troop.

Just Tuesday, in addition to the compulsory conscription, the aim is to increase the percentage of recruitment. “In the end there is no substitute for the Bedouin Tracker,” explains Colonel hone.
“I believe in the Bedouin population and they are more oialis and have connected. The goal is to have them as the Druze and incorporated into all IDF systems and military melting pot can reach senior positions in civil society and the Israeli economy. “

Translated from Hebrew