For the first time: the HFC tze’elim training

דוד לף, דוברות איחוד הצלה

School of search and rescue, the 16 at tzrifin, is no longer the exclusive training facility. Now practice some units also targeted the HFC. “The decision stemmed from considerations of expertise in implementing logistical training, explain there.

תאריך: 15/04/2010, 10:22    
מחבר: נעמה רק

The home front command units carried out the first week training in logistics training center (a) btzalim. So far we have trained the command units in search and rescue, in the 16th, but this year it was decided to move the units training logistics,
The Mel, the military police battalions, tspokat and maintenance to the Ma.

“The decision stemmed from considerations of expertise in logistics training performance by Ma, which expired less powerful”, explains the central command Commander, Colonel Meir aranovich. “With the advent of the logistics officer, Col. Ofer Levinson decided jointly to move those bodies training Ma, specializing in making logistics training. In may begin to practice may also be missing persons unit
Of the אכ”א content and scenarios for training units already built, when initially accompany them elders in reserves, and replace them with regular mentors Opr.

In 2006, following the lessons of the second Lebanon war, rising steadily the number of athletes in the middle 20 percent to 30 percent annually, while in 2009 work where 240 units. Instead of training, armament and logistics units, and other martial supporters values: an entity, military police and military Rabbinate.

“Before the second Lebanon war, command battalions reached status practiced for ten years, today something like this doesn’t happen. The cycle is different and each time reserve perform training in three years instead of six years as before. Regular units-each year, “explains Commander Ma, Col. Meir aranovich.

In 2009 an extensive emphasis on the training establishment for the logistic brigades ogdatis (אלו”גים), sometimes in conjunction with field units. This year will get more training in Ma
And perform targeted training for each of those units held out for as well, will be more exercises for junior high schools, which include initiation training headquarters and logistics battalions.


A couple of more lifelike

“So far, we want to restore trust and reserve personnel qualifications, training. We have decided to raise the bar, to extend skills and emphasize the integration of the units within the Division, “explains Sir. “Our existing three cadet teams, to assist the officials during the exercise and visit. If past athletes had no control should join him, really injured, allegedly had contact, flawed abortions. We will also increase the amount of space compared to days days of theoretical learning in every practice, and make the complex and difficult exercise. But if the unit feel she survived the time and now she’s ready to fight, we set out the purpose.

Also, will this year your stakeholders in may more exercises outside Mel: commanding training bases, in the warehouses of emergency units or other training grounds.
“It’s hard to simulate the tze’elim describes the ground, versus a Elyakim, where a more appropriate framework,” explains Col. aranovich. “There were few such exercises.
We put one team moving between sectors and gave an answer to units across the country. This year try to enable it to anyone who would be interested in that. “

In addition, interested in May to establish Director company future enemy, meanwhile, will establish this year a team of five to ten people, which depict the enemy as experienced in 2009 in Division exercises. The team will join an already inducted entered the accessories used, allowing to simulate the scene with noise, smoke, etc.

Translated from Hebrew