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צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz has given honors to 50 tawadt resistors and honors ngdoth IDF units. “In reality the instability, us to save
In stability, “said Chief

תאריך: 20/03/2013, 22:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Wednesday) held a ceremony to honor Chief warrant officers in תשע”ג,” rum which IAF building, Rabin camp (campus). The ceremony was held in the presence of Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, and members of the General staff and commanders of Army Corps.

The ceremony was attended by fifty resistors and outstanding ngdoth IDF units, they were awarded certificates of merit for outstanding contributions their units and being a role model
In the IDF, was to honor the signal mask resistors excellence Chief.
Gantz said tonight that “all sides stand to add enemies opened to threaten the security of Israel. See that this is a terrorist organization and it is unsympathetic parole boards who refuse to recognize the States the right to live as free people in our country-it is clear that the strategic map swamped with challenges old and new alike.

According to Lt. General Gantz “in this reality that the instability and changes to our design
Every day, we keep more than ever on our stability in our ranks, the stability that the IDF is created and saved in your right – the set, thanks to your hard work and long. “

Honor roll list

Technological and Logistics Directorate: against Joseph Queen, q. Senior Sergeant Tamar Beaton, against human resources. Sergeant major advanced Ziva Leyva,
Helps the dentist. Sergeant major Eliezer sogavencr, alkterunai in arms

Air force: senior Sergeant Ilan, “Tech Valley”. Senior Sergeant Michael CERF, maintenance technician. Multi-vs Dimitri tobacco, defense tech. Ofer Moses, multidimensional against the squadron technician “cutting edge”. Advanced Sergeant ran Ben Ezra, arm. Sergeant Ariel, air wing. Senior sergeant major Sharon
Af control technician, at palmahim base. Senior sergeant major Dan Darmon, mechanic jets. Rabbi Israel against Moskowitz, a technician at the base. Multidimensional electrical technician, anti-n.
Air wing. Senior Sergeant Moses ash 1 unit, in hatzor airbase. Senior Sergeant abibas, arm. Sergeant Josh Rubin advanced massacre at hatzerim airbase. Multi-
Dorsman, against Shi. Senior Sergeant Ali opponent, against a base unit. Senior Sergeant, commando unit. Sergeant major progresses if Guetta, air wing.

Navy: senior sergeant major j., against a Navy convoy in the sea arm. Sergeant s., advanced against the unit in Ashdod sea wing base. Senior Sergeant Yaniv hatuel, commanding leads. Sergeant major advanced vehicle technician, Navy 13.

Southern command: First Sergeant Alon Carpenter against the desert patrol battalion. Senior Sergeant Amir alvaz, Tracker. Sergeant Andrei inerov and advanced against logistics training base of the Givati Brigade. Sergeant major advanced alauddin, spatial North Division engineer in Gaza Division. Sergeant Moran, gbrian, human resources in the collection.

Central Command Sergeant major first: Alyssa, against granite “troop. Senior Sergeant Ofer Sasson, vehicle systems engineer Senior Sergeant Remy Kahlon for logistics. Sergeant Dror, advanced against a steel “decorated”. Sergeant major poverty Ghanim, the troop transport send “. Sergeant Ahamed, advanced logistics.

Front command: Sergeant June Salman, in North County.

Northern command sergeant major: Dawn igoti, advanced logistics in the “decorated. Senior Sergeant Boaz Karni, against logistics of a reserve Brigade. Sergeant major
Solomon Ohayon, senior technician in car “Lance”. Sergeant major advanced computing engineer Leonid, golod. Advanced Sergeant Yaniv, a Bay that the Golani Brigade.
Sergeant Joshua Klein, technician, advanced planning, control and production.

C4I Corps:
Sergeant Dennis, Commander of battalion platoon “echelons” teleprocessing.

GoC army headquarters:
Sergeant Shi Moses advanced technician brcorn clinic in combat engineering school. First Sergeant Itai Nardi, directory. Senior Sergeant Abraham, that.

Intelligence Corps:
Senior Sergeant s. Sergeant, advanced intelligence technician Sergeant m.j. Advanced Ephraim against an intelligence

Translated from Hebrew