For the first time: women are responsible for classified information a field

חיילות בחמ”ל מסווג בשטח. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

A teleprocessing recently had code decoding technology courses in the course of mixed men and women, which allow to soldiering to make that resolve alone.
The Golani Brigade and also field armor

תאריך: 26/06/2013, 15:18    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

צפ”ט courses (code decoding technology), and from (code decoding network) designed for boys are expected to unite and become one course.
The content learned in both classes is more or less the same, the only difference between them was that by last year’s mature course set commands and divisions צפ”ט and צפ”ר course graduates reached the troops.

“The Union aims to create equality between the buildings to build,” explained Chief צפ”ט course which ended last week, second lieutenant Hadas Geva. “Was
Drive only boys are coming to the surface, but came to an understanding that both girls can perform the role of cohorts and the day they arrive. The צפ”ט class girls have already received allotments also had troops that came to the Golani, and armor. The Union of the courses is the last step, “said the Commander.

A pilot course was conducted two months ago from United’s, attended by boys and girls and all program which has
The content of the two courses. The course ended two weeks ago was one combo class “After the pilot did a lot of research and concluded that was successful,” said second lieutenant Geva. “It was really good, also in terms of culture, and learning and achievement.
We are waiting for permits to get to work.

צפ”ט and from within under teleprocessing, soldiers and soldiering to be responsible on the classifier, for encrypting and decrypting information and data transfer. “No classified media can’t talk with other units in the field,
And there is no communication between geography, “said second lieutenant battalions,” it’s like having a phone. The from is to avoid that the information will not be protected and leaks.

Translated from Hebrew