The Commissioner thanked the policemen during a ceremony to mark the independence day, during which awarded degrees to senior officers and multiple ngdaium steps (two) in the national headquarters of Israel Police Jerusalem Day ceremony
68 the independence of the State of Israel, during which awarded degrees to senior officers and multilateral steps “against”. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister
Security and the Chief of police, Commissioner Ronnie alshich.
The ceremony was attended by members of the command staff of the police, police officers, and rank
Their families.

The Commissioner spoke at the ceremony and said: “here, in the courtyard of the national headquarters of Israel Police, gathered this morning on the eve of the independence day 68
Of the State of Israel, to greetings and compliments the range of degrees
Senior officers, along with the senior level of the course-the RNA resistors.
For us, it’s a short stop flow of targeted action to ensure our independence. “

“The revolution of the world, the world is flat, it changes the very nature of
And the nature of security threats. Israel Police finds herself to be a component
More and more centres to ensure public safety against threats.
But the tremendous technological changes, changing dramatically the crime too, huh?
Israel Police requires to build more sophisticated network profile, and online, and integrative
To be relevant to providing personal security to the citizens of this country.

“Some recent hasiput
In the criminal sphere, proves how crucial this capability to police.
Cycle country won’t respond to international crime, threats, fraud network grants
And money laundering outside borders cannot remain independent within the family.
If God forbid our children can be hurt, when the hits probably settled on a keyboard
Overseas, we can’t say that our independence “.

“The boundaries between external security and internal security are very blurred, which requires a large external relations
Developed with security officials in Israel and the world, as well as preventive factors and preventing crime.
From this evidence, the independence day to be a time to grant degrees
The officers and officers.

“Supported by technology as one which is entrusted with achieving
The complexity of lftahno.
The challenges that I have described, understood to the political echelon who chooses to bolster the Israel Police,
Invest where resources are much bigger and be attentive to professional needs, also to ensure
Israel Police will be able to recruit to its ranks, officers growing jobs are piling up.
The Israel Police’s critical parts for the social-moral strength of
The State of Israel, along with the Security Department is a critical component in preserving our independence is clear to everyone. “

“The recent results of the negotiations are being led by the Department of Homeland Security – show.
Our Minister of public security of the central part in these achievements. Now under challenge opened
Vast professional to endless challenges imposed to opened, continuing occupation
In Israel and police norms of values. Naturally, appointments round marks the way also in relation
This “.

“There is now more Israeli
This moment, between saying remember to wield. The transition so tell the story.
The entire Israeli: liberty and independence along with heavy and painful price: Holocaust victims that could
Their country, proven to fight Israel and Yom hazikaron, which fulfilled the dream.
Usually, they are lives.

“In a few days will lead officers, officers, fighters, volunteers and retirees in ceremonies
Israel Police delegation’s ignorance. The entrance to the extermination camps in the representation of Israel,
Illustrates perhaps the most powerful, the gravity of the Mission granted us to serve and protect
Citizens of Israel, to have them everywhere and give them confidence. This order, with runs every
A COP and a fighter, to perform missions.

“In this special period, fraught with major events around holidays–Nissan, Yom Hashoah, Yom
Memorial Day, independence day, and more, all of the police officers, fighters
The officers, all volunteers, are spread throughout the country, and locations
, To ensure that the public in Israel will be able to celebrate, to specify the events
Beware, and bolstering confidence, as well as public order. , An atoll.
The right to acknowledge the officers and commanders, for the people in Israel.

Translated from Hebrew