Foreign Affairs and Security Committee visited the line: “make dividing the burden to be more equal.”

Members of foreign and Defense Committee of the Knesset visited the base “” with raise recruitment cycle in November of the armored Corps. Chairperson, MK Shaul Mofaz: “it takes a strong army and a daunting, given the changes in the region.”

תאריך: 27/11/2011, 11:33    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Committee and the Knesset’s confidence came this morning (Sunday) for a visit.
“Base” with recruiting cycle raise November of the armored Corps. During the tour, received the Committee members review and head of IDF personnel, Maj. Gen. Ali love, and heard her on the latest draft.

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, Shaul Mofaz, referring to the draft and said that “there is an alarming statistic with regard to the percentage of the army recruits and the trend continued and could escalate. The goal is to increase recruitment rates and dividing the burden to be more egalitarian. Required for many more years of strong, powerful and intimidating, given the strategic changes in the region. “

It should be noted that Matchday 1 November reflects ongoing increase in motivation for fighting: 76.2% of all handsets in the field units to serve as fighters, compared with 46.1%
In November last year.

Latest recruitment enlisted the army boys and girls destined for combat service in the units field, array and supporters to administrative roles. See the embedded soldiers to serve as fighters, 93% expressed a desire to serve in combat roles. In addition, an increase of 2% in demand to serve in infantry divisions — 52% of amtgiisim to serve in these divisions.
100% of the units field amshovatim set to one of three initial priorities, recruitment rate equivalent to November last year.

“The motivation of young people to serve in combat roles, as also evident in recruiting this cycle, is a source of pride and encouragement,” said head of personnel, Maj. Gen. Ali love. “However, it is important to remember that classes are larger than teens did not express the duty of their country and others is one serving. We will continue to operate while integrating arms with all elements in society to increase obligation relay service “, added Mayor אכ”א.

Translated from Hebrew