Four species, Army version

Four species, not just chemical characteristics the Sukkot holiday, but also the IDF operational meet Myrtle, etrog, lulav and aravah. our military version

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Culture of the State of Israel and the Jewish people design generations of soldiers and commanders in the IDF since its inception, and rooted in its roots. You can hear the innumerable concepts from around the country and the world during random conversation among officers. Four species-Citron,
The Myrtle, and the Prairie fiddling – like other terms found throughout the language.
Concepts like always provide a glimpse into different parts and army and interesting activities. IDF website brings you four species and the way embedded in the heritage.


According to Jewish tradition, mentioned כ”ענף bushy tree Myrtle” in Leviticus,
And they say the tradition first and then the explanation. In the IDF, drowned the Myrtle imprint at the officers in the South of the country, 1. Myrtle Regiment is one of two regiments in the binding blade inside warriors from aspiring field units have officers – officer mglinists in air defense fighters, shirionerim to search and rescue squads.

As part of a training school for the year Cadet battalion officers heads unique exercise first of its kind, known as “Black Swan”, during which faced extreme surprise modes that change constantly. This phenomenon of training rolling adapts them to unexpected situations and demands of them adopting skills such as creativity and stress-resistant, yet alert to a possible scenario.


The Israeli air force has to Citron a significant role throughout the year and not just Tabernacles. “Golden Orchard” is the control of air defense system, which is in constant readiness activities throughout the day and night.

ה”אתרוג is a command and control center, where visitors sit which charge monitoring and intercepting any purpose constitutes a risk to the sector by
The arrow system. The trailer also exists for several years but has recently. Why is selected
The name “Golden etrog? Head of Department in air defense, major Tamir tzimbr explained that “all words starting coming in, and in color, such as green pine radar named arrow battery itself called” Ruby.

The Citron is the result of “Tadiran”, and is considered one of the most advanced systems in the world. “Golden etrog can interface and other missile defense systems, such as the MIM-104 Patriot, and is linked to the Israeli air force headquarters and the home front command headquarters. “Golden Orchard” receiving data from the mighty “pine” radar can calculate where the enemy lands, and to produce an accurate warning to the HFC to warn the citizens, willing to decide not to shoot down the rocket if it falls in an open area. Citron gold system “operates the” nut “, which controls the launchers themselves. The system is operational since 2000 and participated in many exercises and post them.


The West also is mentioned in the book of Leviticus Crick כ”ערבי”, and was used during the temple surrounding the altar, and thus remember.

In the West tied for smuggling drugs, a response to the isolated groupings, and preparing for the possibility that Jordan border becomes a breach it will try and prevent infiltration of terrorists
Take advantage of the closed Chinese border; The West Brigade, launched this year, is the leading solution in this far south. Hatm’s, named after the geographical area named let him following the discourse appears in four species of fill and throughout,
Already this year the leading operational successes. “Deepened the Windowss handle operational cooperation with the settlement. We have seen the maturation and operational results as shahatzlachot don’t come late “, told IDF site earlier this year, the Division Commander, Col. Roy.


“Palm’s paw Bible, i.e. lulav, mostly in the Jordan Valley,
Judea and Samaria area. In the early years of the country’s area features numerous reprisals and hostile attitude between the Jordanian forces IDF forces.

56 years ago, right at the end of the Sukkot holiday, poetic sound hoshana, battalion 890 paratroopers battalion of 88 of the parachute regiment can lay to heart “, as part of
The payoff for them in the early years of the State. The Regiment, commanded by
Of Lt. General (Ret.) Rafael scored the then police near the village of Husan and blew him a heroic action, direct response to killing six Israeli civilians. At the end of the night of hoshana Rabbah was the target, but argued that explosive burst of צה”לי Jeep caused five deaths, in addition to five who lost their lives in action.

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Translated from Hebrew