Overt and covert investigation at the end of the main unit of coast province were detained for questioning six aorbimaium
(I) the Prosecutor’s statement was made against a resident of Beit She’an and three random residents, including a minor, in respect
Suspicion of conspiracy to commit the murder of age. There are two other suspects, a minor and an adult residents
Krayot, suspected of crimes and evidence tampering after the fact.

On the date
16.3.16 found the body of intelligence, was a resident of Beit Shean, close to the 35-year old car burning by
Bystander in an open area near Kibbutz Usha. Homicide investigators of the unit.
(ימ”ר) Beach County arrived at the scene and started an investigation and covert and overt collection

Undercover investigation led to the arrest of five suspects detained in 17.4.16 date was extended periodically.
Suspect released Friday from Israel was arrested on the date during a 9.5.16 router the view,
Extensions in the certificate of the Attorney General, they tied themselves to some suspicions are attributed to them.

In days.
The relatives submit Haifa District Attorney’s charges against the six suspects.

Translated from Hebrew