Four warriors

11 new puppies of “sting” may look cute, but you
In a few months they will join dozens of operational activities in various sectors

תאריך: 17/05/2012, 21:00    
מחבר: שירה גושפנץ, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

11 the puppies played today in the courtyard of goriia “sting”,
Five and a half months ago and won the Royal name “Disney” launch (launch-Word professional residential group was born ב”מכה”). LILO, stitch, Ana, Dumbo and friends-are handled by 18 soldiers, who refer to the puppies as their babies that just came into the world.

When the pubs are just born there were alternating shifts troops every 3 hours and feed
The kittens are bottle. Then they would take them on a trip or just run away, and when the morning-upload them one by one on the scale to see they eat properly and develop normally. These dogs can at first feel they’re cutest creatures on Earth – but don’t get confused about: in a few months they
Become skilled fighters that recognize explosives, cached credentials are used to attack enemies and run Chase
Long miles in order to get what they want.

Most dogs who join lines “Stinger” belong to Belgian Shepherd breed, the Dutch shepherd dog or German Shepherd imported from abroad and some small born here and they treat the dedicated staff of goriia. Up the exhausting training of residential exposure to loud noises, screams and stacks of various items for the first time in their lives. When eight months living begin their transition process the real world “and delivered to the compound where they live with adult dogs.

After months, the puppies entering professional training track to creeps in the hands of women warriors and warriors of “sting”.

The song, which serves for a year and a half as a therapist in goriia, five and a half months ago, “the mother of the dog. Anna named after Mowgli’s girlfriend from the film “the jungle book”, though the song tells that when she shows her “always ask me if Disney was a character named Anna.

The song is the daughter of Lt.-Col. Berry (Deb) Harari, who was killed by sniper fire on a border fence with Lebanon 18 months ago. In the situation at home and especially Emma, gave the song a dream to serve as a fighter in the Israel Defense Forces. Instead, the closest role to work with dogs. The special relationship with the dog she summarizes a personal relationship and close. “Everywhere I go I get a cell phone and shows photos of her.
In difficult moments when I have someone to talk to, I talk to her and she is charging me with positive energies that help me to move on, “she describes.

Translated from Hebrew