Fresh air supply system for tunnels

דובר צה”ל

Latest breathing system that provides air tunnels running warriors, development of technological and Logistics Directorate, appeared recently in the יהל”ם unit.
“The system is durable even in case of the collapse of the tunnel,” explain the butt.

תאריך: 17/11/2009, 17:13    
מחבר: נעמה רק

Innovative breathing system developed by logistical equipment Department (צי”ל) for technological and Logistics Directorate (אט”ל) and weaponry in GoC army headquarters, allow
Air supply for fighters operating in tunnels, in the event of the collapse of the tunnel.

The system, based on a combination of several off-the-shelf products, successfully passed the test and combined סמו”ר party (slicks and tunnels) of יהל”ם unit of combat engineering corps. The system
Is air portable cart, which can be placed at the entrance to the tunnel that connects the air ducts, mask wearing soldiers. In the event of the collapse of the tunnel system, provide
Air warrior for several hours, which is expected to significantly improve its ability to survive until rescue.

“According to our calculations and tests the system durable, even in case of breakdown
The tunnel, “explains Lieutenant Colonel Avner Ben-Zaken, head equipment and personal protection צי”ל Department.
“Every fighter carries but also small air balloon attached to the mask, just in case, allowing him to breathe for a while until the arrival of rescue in the event of system compromise following the collapse.

Translated from Hebrew