Friends of the Israel Defense Forces upgrade “soldier” in Eilat and Beersheba

Work plan for 2013 plan the Association to invest tens of millions for the soldiers and bereaved families. Beit hahayal in Eilat will resort to

תאריך: 30/12/2012, 15:49    
מחבר: רותם פסו ויפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

With summary year 2012, of Association (אל”ח) do not stop to think ahead. The Association is planning annual activity in 2013, will focus on further action for soldiers and bereaved families.

Within the project, planned holidays for families bereaved. The project increased the seminars for bereaved siblings, and that given the success that the project in the past year. At the same time extended project “key to success”, which focuses on establishing cultural-educational centers for the soldiers who regularly in schools should be a soldier of the successful model אל”ח was inaugurated in the past year at the soldier at Ramat Gan, and based by schools activities in Jerusalem, Haifa and Beer Sheva, alongside cooperation with” big brother “. Furthermore, leap will occur when it comes to providing a “home” to lone soldiers in the Association, in cooperation with “brothers” and personnel department.
As part of this project will be completed and renewal of new abzorn for lone soldiers, dedicated volunteers who provide solutions and listening ear.

Within the project “adopt a warrior”, in which contact between companies and foreign donors to defenders of adoption brigades, supports and helps – upcoming changes and extensions
As well. Ten army units are awaiting adoption, and began efforts to locate them.
And be connected to units in the near future. In the field of fundraising will emphasize were growing up in different ways, to be able to provide more resources for the welfare of the soldiers.
In “use of” Club the Foundation, which began to act a few months ago, and helps in purchasing equipment for disadvantaged families recruits.

Meanwhile, additional upgrades are also expected in the spaces of the Association.
In the North this year will focus on the gym and fitness equipment will be purchased for IDF units, including containers for fitness. This year is up renewing in the soldier
In Haifa, and to install a new lift instead to use the House next to the dining room and renewal planning Auditorium.

The southern emphasis on establishing social clubs to Givati brigades. On line
The soldiers should also reach at the soldier, which will be upgraded to include resort event Center, a Jacuzzi, a sauna and an indoor pool. In addition, the rooms will be renovated instead.
The House in the Negev will be extended in its humble, and he added 1,000 extra beds.

In addition to planning, the current Chairman of the Association, yedidya, said in April the last filed a proposal to the Defense Ministry, which under Chairman the Association sat four companies-first is more Club deals with providing discounts and benefits for soldiers in civilian institutions, the shklity network, which generates 270 points of sale in IDF units and bases across the country, the third is the body responsible for the various schools throughout the country, and be a company that exclusively deals with raising funds locally and internationally. “The proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Defense and legal officials, and we are waiting for an answer,” said Kahalani.

Translated from Hebrew