From 1 September: new Army Corps.

לוחמים מחיל מודיעין השדה. בקרוב ישרתו תחת חיל האיסוף הקרבי. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

After a long and continuous process is facing a “force field” in place of “combat intelligence collection. The servants of the new force will replace the dark green beret with distinctive beret and Corps symbol in and PIN.

תאריך: 07/07/2009, 14:11    
מחבר: ארנון בן-דרור

The beginning of the next school year will also, to a certain extent, the beginning of a new way for IDF: September 1 will become a force field “, established under the GoC army headquarters in 2000, in the collection and combat officially moves his powers within the intelligence field units to military intelligence Directorate.

With the establishment of the new force will be focused “combat intelligence collection Corps” in collecting combat intelligence
And will continue to oversee the collection of three operational regiments divided among three commands of spatial. servants of the new force will replace the dark-green beret of the Intelligence Division in unique beret (yellow colored) and on their uniforms in sarge
Force and new PIN In addition read the main קאס”ר force officer (Chief Officer combat collection) instead of קמש”ר (field intelligence officer).

Another look at the buying arm more powers in the field of intelligence gathering operations at all army, such as: collecting by drones (aircraft non-staffed), God (tour classes) and Sapper (reconnaissance battalions). “The arm is looking at adding new courses, so that we can force any harvesting capabilities,” explains chief field intelligence officer (yet), Brig. Gen. Eli Pollak. “The establishment of the new force is an opportunity to sow the land to form the force under all areas of collecting that exist on land.

In the intelligence field Intelligence Division will be headed by Colonel and will be responsible for intelligence in the field units, including the completion of the hailit intelligence officers course that no longer exists in school information field (or new-school combat collection), but the training base of the IDF. Combat intelligence collection Corps set up an intelligence branch that will be mainly about in front of the wing.

Understanding that the Intelligence Department to gather under all IDF intelligence sector, may through
Z, formed after the second Lebanon war, and the process of transferring powers, which began almost three years ago now, to finish. However, Brig. Gen. Polk:
“Moving to UM does change, but we can’t just disconnect that intelligence connection between intelligence collection will give the desired result.

Translated from Hebrew