From 2013: innovative Simulator also air force technicians

Air Force technicians practiced by “innovative” save artists using real aircraft and training in the

תאריך: 08/08/2012, 11:50    
מחבר: יובל צוק, אתר חיל האוויר

In the 2000s, the role of the virtual flight in the air force. Today, Flight Simulator hours constitute a significant part of the training of air force personnel, allowing them to practice dangerous sorties and particularly challenging without fear.

Now, even the technical means to adopt the trend. Today, in order to train technicians, landing an aircraft technical base about apprentice training school. However, the emulation options usable aircraft malfunctions is limited, and sought a solution which does not
Require to disable aircraft technicians benefit residents

These days, developing technical base unique Simulator that will solve this problem exactly. Like Flight Simulator, it helps to create a complex situations these technicians need to resolve, all without bothering any real aircraft, which is used for operational activity. “The coach will illustrate a range of complicated situations, when in reality we couldn’t imagine,” explains major Yair Bilje, aircraft flight commander at the base. “The Simulator
Make the technical professional technicians, because they can gain experience
And skill by feeling “.

The technical base that the innovative coach already visible at the end of next year. At first he used the technician level a and b aircraft, and later will expand additional arrays too. Along with him, is expected to reach a new generation of professional and experienced technicians, directly affect the operational capabilities of the Israeli air force.

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