From 401: “thanks to the measures and the tank can reach deeper and faster”

מפקד החטיבה, אל”ם סער צור. צילומי ארכיון דובר צה”ל

The Commander of the advanced Division 401, Sturm Colonel contact number on the unique training unit in the Golan Heights in the North, and the successes and challenges of can the ITM exclusive interview

תאריך: 03/02/2013, 17:49    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Change in operational Division through 401, “designed” tracks. From “wheels on fire”, in which a Chinese APC room to Kerem Shalom and neutralized by the power of the “popping” Regiment, through operational Government also in Judea and Samaria to intensive preparations to enter the bottom during operation “pillar”, summarizes the census period. As he looked toward the nearest training, saying the Golan Colonel Sturm create that “we rise today to practice, after each soldier, best to rejuvenate the oldest, understand what war preparation, what it requires of us.

The Division, which owns Merkava mark IV tanks runs the “trophy” against anti-tank, performs for a permanently operational employment in the Gaza Strip, an operational requirement from southern command. Therefore, the Division during the year marked significant and essential points in the sector. In August, killed 16 Army soldiers terrorists in North Sinai, Egypt seized a truck exploded at the border and infiltrated with armored vehicles into Israel. Meade arrived battalion forces “popping”, in conjunction with air force blew up the vehicle and prevented the attack.

The Division’s Commander, Colonel Saar, indicates that it is one of the most significant events that occurred during the year, adding that the Division Commander who neutralized the vehicle
He received special mention by OC Southern command. “It was a highlight on the” counter-terrorism, he said, “from this aspect of spirit received the Division regarding touch and rowing, and the officer showed determination and steadfastness.”

From 401: “thanks to the measures and the tank can reach deeper and faster”

Riding along the coast. The tank Regiment.

“We came to ‘ pillar ‘ very seasoned and trained, which contributed many operative preparation for us. We have an understanding of how to be fighting within describes dare. The entire regiment was in constant battle procedure, and, together with the training made us reach a professional level and a high readiness level.

Deeper, faster and more lethal

Under Division 401 bent several units, spread throughout the region, from
The Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria road to Eilat. With the beginning of winter in the North indicates bone marrow that the Division won second prize in the prize honors units two months ago, and that won first place in the categories of combat brigades. The recipe for success, the number of bone marrow, is unique to Division “our advantage is
Human economies and advanced technology system. The connection between the tank and the Warrior is our base, and we think Division all the time what can I do.
Colonel Flint explains that due to limited system, advanced “trophy” and the nature of the tank and its capabilities, the Division reach much deeper and much faster.

From 401: “thanks to the measures and the tank can reach deeper and faster”

פלס”ר 401 collaborating. Photo: shoichat IDF website, plorit

In addition, the near future training should be different and more innovative than the previous training. The emphasis this time is about the techniques better suited to modern warfare and the future battlefield, including close combat area is built in, and internships in fighting against firing anti-tank missiles planned, the tanks and troops to move in.
Level, together with the Divisional engineer battalion, especially ihondeso. The tanks
Move between certainties and streams, while disguised and make sure they aren’t visible, and perform destroying targets at a rate much faster thanks to the innovative systems. Itmarno fighters faster and deeper, to the company level, and to cooperate with air and land forces.


401-fighters carried out the attack on Syrian guns.

“At this point, before practice, we are in a very high readiness level, and I’m sure that will be ready also,” explains Colonel, “we start today the base, and then outline the training standards and practice Department level and above, with the understanding that tanks fought together rather than individually. The happy notes
Because troops under the already familiar, and only a few months ago were the ones who committed the shooting toward Syrian artillery for the first time after 40 years.

“Designed” tracks, is the youngest armored divisions.
“We might have a less glorious fight heritage than other divisions, but the difference is that we are always looking forward. Today our challenge is to take the vehicle and systems to implement them, that is a very big challenge, “says Colonel.

From 401: “thanks to the measures and the tank can reach deeper and faster”

Brigade fighters working 7/24

The emphasis on the command level “today all our gunner is a computer guy. As for the tag ranks fighters. ” According to the CAG, the challenge is to know how to make the personal abilities of warriors with the technologies of the tanks, “a can be expressed as a tank commander and as simple. Section 401 fighter should always be ‘ big head ‘, to understand the operational environment, to know what to expect from the enemy, run complex systems, and to protect all this Orchestra together.

Translated from Hebrew