From: “recently we had to operate in distant locations.

Gen. Eliezer Marom revealed this in remarks at the annual day. To “fight the evil axis forces led by Iran.” Another relates to attempts to do to delegitimize Israel: “hostile elements trying to undermine Israel’s sovereignty by spreading lies.”

תאריך: 29/11/2010, 11:08    

“Recently the Navy is required to stretch his limbs in action scenes are very rarely, to combat the evil axis forces led by Iran” so said Navy commander major general Eliezer (Cheney), in a speech during the annual day “which took place yesterday (Mon).

Last September the Haganah members celebrated 90 years of the establishment of the Organization at a huge conference held in Jakarta this week, and they noted that the annual day “sign Navy and Navy commander class, Maj. Gen. Eliezer Marom (Chaney), Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron huldai, the cadets and Cadet captains and Scouts movements are hanoar haoved vehalomed.

Champion said that the IDF and the State of Israel is dealing today with another fighting to delegitimize Israel’s. “The hostile entities in an attempt
To undermine the sovereignty of the State of Israel of spreading lies, “he said. “The attempt is to describe a picture that depicted Israel as a country that systematically run over the rights of others”.

Another treat from champion to flotilla which was the Gaza Strip in the summer and stressed again that “the Israeli Navy acted decisively, while demonstrating integrity and purity of weapons worthy of appreciation and a shipping forecast to reach the Gaza Strip.”

Navy commander end what promises to the Haganah organization to continue to maintain the country as they did then: “Although the criticism isn’t right (in the context of the voyage-א”ד), the Navy will keep the country’s borders, while demonstrating proper values and determination. When mmsichi ways we are proud that despite the distance, the same spirit that captivated
So blowing in the sails of the Corps.

Even the Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron huldai, carried at talking. “You remember those sitting here and can tell today’s warriors and the younger generations about the war that took place during the establishment of Israel,” said huldai warriors. “No country, not a developed economy, wasn’t the army as we have today, but
You had a secret weapon. Thanks to you we are here today and our thanks.

Translated from Hebrew