From South: “a million civilians living under threat exists.”

Southern District Commander in charge, Col. Doron Mor-Yosef, said that despite the fact that more than 150 rockets were fired towards the South, about one million civilians continued to carry out routine according to the HFC

תאריך: 22/08/2011, 20:05    
מחבר: ירין חנניה

Events of the South and the missile threat from terrorist organizations operating in the
Gaza, about one million civilians in Israel, almost in a State of emergency and threat to their lives. Next to the successful activities of the interception system “iron dome”, required to be civil defense instructions of the home front command, all the time the residents of the South.

Southern District Commander in charge, Col. Doron Mor-Yosef explained today (Monday) that
“To save lives, keep the home front command directives in the routine life. We are currently on summer vacation when some of the festivals and events planned for this period. We had no choice but to cancel the event, to ensure the safety of residents. “

Southern District Chief noted that during the recent events in the HFC focused on providing guidelines to protect the population, providing residents with warnings about entering protected areas-and help protect neighborhoods and areas that were so far out of grief. “Assigning scores of soldiers to help the population in various ways, including arranging and clearing remaining shelters are closed in recent months, supporting local authorities together with the Government and a response, command, decision-making
And responding to questions related to population care.

As part of the efforts, the HFC has taken a number of steps to help the various authorities, such as premature births Department shattered by transfer at Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, protected area and care and maintenance of local shelters. Some significant hitches in the area, “added Col. lakay,” recorded by volunteers of the local authorities to help the community reach of references from the North, the South booking for accommodation during the period. Mobilization and solidarity-greenhouses heart. “

Translated from Hebrew