From South: the results were potentially more serious, big attack

אל”מ טל חרמוני. צילום: אורי שיפרין, דובר צה”ל

Col. Tal hermoni praised Golani force activity that strove to touch and hit the terrorists who opened fire this morning near the settlement of beer milcah-Israel Egypt border.
“The quick response thwarted attack bigger,” said

תאריך: 18/06/2012, 14:31    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

The Division Commander of the Gaza Division, Col. Tal hermoni, today (Monday) in a briefing for reporters the terrorist attack that took place this morning next to beer-milcah-Israel Egypt border. Col. 89 praised Golani activity jumped to the scene and said that “the results might have been more severe and inevitable attack.

Col. hermoni said that “rapid reaction forces in the area, including the forces Golani, had kept result can occur. “The forces acted quickly and expected response thwarted an attack.”

From the South taking the event as well as before, kept between
Israeli officials Egyptian counterparts, who “work tirelessly to prevent such events.”

According to the findings of the initial inquiry, by Southern Command Chief Gen. Tal Russo, the morning began as did terrorists crossed the border of Egypt and Israel, the Israeli side was ambushed near the Philadelphi route, probably שככל some cervical vertebrae left the Egyptian side, similar to the attack in Netafim benevolently August last year.
The terrorists detonated improvised explosive device towards other contractors vehicles moving about an axis in the region River

At the same time opened firing RPG that doesn’t hit the vehicles and small arms fire against cars. One of the Canal deteriorated following the shootings, kill Israeli event. Found space helmet, vest, a Kalashnikov rifles and uniforms. True to this point indicates that two terrorists crossed
The fence and were killed.

Translated from Hebrew