Israel Police remember encompass 1450. In a ceremony at Mount Herzl, attended by the Commissioner of the national flag on term of officers nploharb (Mon) ceremony placing the national flag of Israel Police martyrs ‘ tombs in the Police Department at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. The event was held in the presence of the Police Commissioner, Commissioner Ronnie 212 and condemnation in multilateral Gondar Ofra Klinger, Deputy Police Commissioner major general Zaher, representatives of the Israel Police’s command and the bereaved families.

During the ceremony the Israel state flags on the graves in the Israel Police by officers. Police saluted to the Israel Police martyrs in this class. To the West lie the graves of fallen flags of Israel Police.

The Commissioner said at the ceremony: “Memorial Day is an accepted term in the modern world, to various historical events, we wish to remember. In contrast to computer memory, power of human memory isn’t memory, but rather the memory. In selective memory we want to recreate every detail, but rather to impose an order on chaos of data and events, in order to have meaning. An emotional experience, remember deeper and more meaningful event only read about in the newspaper. ה”עקבה” embedded in our consciousness, depth, intensity of experience embedded into it.

“And all of Israel times embedded memory:” Egypt “port to” remember what Amalek did to you “sign of destruction” and more. Don’t overreact if we say that “to be a Jew is to remember!”-and this is not a “dead” memory of the past, hugging a frustrating, but nostalgic relying substantially on the past as inspiration and hope for the future. “

“The memorial day to independence day,” “Jewish and Israeli, of design. In 1949, things were not understood. Discussed as options for the other dates that symbolize heroism, such as lag baomer, or more modern time, 11. Eventually, Ben-Gurion decided that Memorial Day indicated on the morning of the fourth of July. Only the bereaved families thngdotan of kibaha in 1951 the accepted pattern today, two days ‘ rest and that it meets it.

“What was needed in this connection goat? Maybe it was the fact that Thursday, the State proclamation was only a day after the fall of Gush Etzion and the massacre of 127 inhabitants? Perhaps it was under the previous experience of dancing in the courtyard of the national institutions in November, while only a few hundred metres separate the party killed the sniper bullets? One way or another the relation between Memorial Day to independence day, is a fruit, the fruit will design consciousness of direct affinity between the two.

“Even after the decision to separate two adjacent days and allow them to be used completely jumbled, as festive events and holiday toast levels every year deployed them amongst Holocaust Memorial Day to independence day, a day his allegorical configuration, back her jumble. No longer mourn “dance” determines that King, but we sopedim choir and dance almost as one, saying: we can dance, all because we sopedim him.

“At the beginning of the road called today” a day of remembrance to the independence war hero, but up the road, when the consciousness that ripens independence and sovereignty has to maintain, preserve and unfortunately also to give his soul to them, name: “Memorial Day to fallen soldiers and Israel unfortunately no campaign theme.

“Every year we’re hugging and bereaved families. The change in the nature of wars and mainly heard became part of terror and sadness of our continued independence and security tasks imposed on the shoulders of Israel Police hence encompass list grows. The struggle for the personal safety of the citizen must also combat persistent crime, this height too quite a few victims, who joins the fight to combat this organization. “

“Here at the Police Department in Mount Herzl, we go humpity-bumpity with 1450 of the police Hunt, Israel police education since its establishment. Them as a society, all sectors and police testimony, fighters and volunteers, all the Organization and all its request. The heart aches and pain, we deposited since last year the cemetery throughout the country and were reconfigured 16 additional spaces, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, brothers to the police “.

“Placing the flag on one tombs each body count, is a combination of bowing head and raising the miracle. This is the connection that is the meaning we give to the painful price for us, and to the bereaved families. As the police headquarters to open here in the Police Department, the flags on the graves. In the stand with the family bereavement, plug together between an individual’s grief to grief of the public and the plug together who lost up the road, and the route, we are marching in a common hope.

“Bereaved families embrace, not just because we want to ease their pain by anything”, but perhaps especially the meaning we seek and the strength to continue in the campaign while rising us bad. From bereavement to shake up and hoist our flag “.

“Border police and Israel Police commandos will stand holding everywhere, despite the dangers lurking at every corner and where meet – meet the law and order.” It said that too remember azchrano “(Jeremiah, ל”ט, 12). The memory of the fallen footwear, unsubscribe and remember go light values.

May their memory.

Translated from Hebrew