From the North to the Valley: paratroopers completed intensive תרח”ט

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Rare training in Warrior and cooperation with classified units. paratroopers returned a series of exceptional תרג”דים the CAG.
Brain: “ready for significant” scenario

תאריך: 11/01/2013, 15:23    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The thrusters of the combat helicopters, armored, heavily shelling accompanied hundreds of fighters in the Red beret, owner of acarml to Jordan Valley, when they marched, crawled, ran and shot in five days, in a period of intense training Regiment, long said.
The current fool, began fighting last Sunday at the Mount Carmel area, and finished fifth in the evening in the Valley. Throughout the five days carried out many activities impossible warriors to talk about them, in close cooperation with armor, artillery, Sting and helicopters and air force, as well as classified units.

As noted, the CAG was highlighted in the uniqueness that all operational Division has suspended, but will also present all its unique acts.

From the North to the Valley: paratroopers completed intensive תרח”ט

“One of the unique instances exercise was part of the aactim were in Judea itself, complicated. In addition, many wet exercises were conducted at night, we do the second time around “, told IDF site control Division, Colonel Amir Baram. “תרח”ט night is a complicated, complex and dangerous, in fact not nearly in the regimental level. This is something unique to Greece Division we trained a lot in training at night throughout the year.

In addition, much of the exercise held in the Jordan Valley, a rare thing in recent years also the paratroopers brigade, practiced on the Golan Heights. “During the current session we many exercises already in the Valley so we instead, but this is the first time for several years that returned to the Valley. Mattis said that the area of the Valley is very different from the Green level, yet his troops faced the challenge in shape

The CAG was the finish line of the regimental training period, which lasted approximately three months. They were preceded by a unique length (some innocent took two weeks) and their intensity. “We started in the weeks of war exercises plugatis to תרג”דים serious and unusual, where the Warriors go many miles and special acts like a fool himself “, said Colonel Baram.

The idea behind the current form, by, resulted from a perception that paratroopers fighters operate in the enemy and many distances, and so they need to know to move of many challenges. “The training came to practice and show the capabilities and skills of the paratroopers ‘ Brigade, explained.

From the North to the Valley: paratroopers completed intensive תרח”ט

Only a month and a half ago, stopped the practice of the following preparations for ground entrance during operation “pillar”. The operation took all the soldiers, u.s. Army Reserve, and active and significant preparations, which contributed overwhelmingly to the preparedness Division.
Although the Brigade said the workout was cut short, but against all Division handled the rally point and was ready to enter. Brain noted that the Warriors passed through training and intensive operation, there were no other conditions are possible, and that the IDF has invested heavily in training and munitions. Thus, the Division would have been out and trained soldiers performed more תרג”דים before the operation and add training preparations, and the latter reached anti-climax then later training, and spend the extra at will.

“The agreement will in shape. Preparations which were efforts by its complexity and the rare acts “, said Colonel Baram. The soldiers, who passed 100
Total kilometers will, which faced numerous surprise changes that were downloaded by the Division Commander, and the complex surfaces, perform tasks of Judea
And Samaria and the Jordan Valley in the fighting in a built-up area and practiced firing live night and day, stood by the bone marrow, the many challenges that faced them successful, and today they are willing significantly to any possible future scenario. “

Translated from Hebrew