Front command: no courses in the range 40 km

The home front command directives following a fresh escalation in the South. The gatherings also were over 500 people to a range of 40 km from Gaza Strip

תאריך: 10/03/2012, 19:55    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Refreshing in the HFC tonight (Saturday) in light of the guidelines for the escalation in the South. The communities which are 0 to 7 km from the Gaza Strip will take place.

In communities that are a distance of 7 to 40 km from the Gaza Strip does not take place. Listing of localities: Ashkelon, Ashdod, Netivot, Beersheba, Sderot, Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Gat, yavne setting hevel yavne, Ashdod, settings, kiia, furnish. Besides the Mateh Yehuda settlements, municipalities and Nahal sorek Regional Council Brenner Regional Council (except in Kidron and when not studying).

Gatherings and gatherings and gatherings – over 500 people gathering in open and closed (events, performances, soccer).

Defensive guidelines on sound alarm

While the sound alarm or cracks should terminate the protection process, depending on the time we have and follow these guidelines:

-Building must go to mm, receiver, or an interior room, depending on the time, and close doors and Windows.

In have come into the building, according to time. If a structure nearby, or if you are in an open area, you must lie on the ground and protect your head with your hands.

By car – to pull over, get out of the car and enter the building or shelter close by. If you cannot get to a building or shelter of the time we have to get out of the car,
Lie on the ground and protect your head with your hands. In case you cannot get out of the car, must pull off the road and wait 10 minutes. If no other instruction is given after 10 minutes.
You can leave the protection.

It is important to steer clear of unidentified objects or rocket on Earth. In this case, it is necessary to keep curious and inform the police.

You must continue to listen to the instructions.


A sound alarm or cracks have to enter the protected area according to the time period. Wait 10 minutes and then leave the protection.

It is important to remember – the home front command directives have been cymbals as we present life daily events in an area where people who used the saved their lives and their families ‘ lives. You must follow each time. The HFC stresses that no defensive guidelines to the public or providing notice to the public due to the action of “iron dome” system, because the system is protected filling provides solutions to, therefore you must abide by the home front command directives and to keep waiting time in the protected area 10 minutes from the moment the alarm or voice.

Be sure to close the door and the window or door and window mm which protected room after entry. Home front command together with the local authorities made a decision on opening up public shelters in neighborhoods where local authorities exists in the second (structures, gypsum, structures not built in rugged construction that do not have concrete ceiling).

Guidelines for selecting the protected area and its preparation: the protected space is chosen depending on the time we have the sound the alarm or voice, in order of priority:

-(Apartment protected space) or (protected story space) are the preferred choice.

On asylum

C-common building shelter — provided that the receiver and within the building provided that can be reached through an internal stairway, regardless of the time of the alert.

D. public shelter on condition that can be reached within the required time period is the sound of the alarm.

The no from, or input from an internal room safe which has a minimum external walls, Windows and vents upstairs tenants living in the building over three floors in a building without from or from internal receiver or fell two floors and remain in the stairwell. The upstairs tenants living in the three-storey building in the building without from or from or internal asylum fell one floor and on the stairs. Explanation guidelines update: three-storey building room floor the protected is the Middle floor (2nd floor) in building over three floors all floors in the stairwell protected except the ground floor and two upper floors. Civilians are required to not be on widening the entrance buildings, because there is risk of shrapnel and rocket falls as a result of the page next to the buildings.

Translated from Hebrew