Front command: set רמ”ט to address each scenario


Brig. Gen. boruch ezagui Tessler, the HFC, רמ”ט says in an interview to the IDF website that” we are working on several levels to enable providing efficient, reliable alert and focused.
Every citizen and citizen

תאריך: 29/08/2013, 19:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

“The home front command is set to address the various scenarios that said today” to locate the IDF home front command, Brig. Gen. רמ”ט boruch ezagui Tesler. The HFC is in close contact with local authorities, government agencies and emergency organizations. “The relationship with the authorities is continuous and all year long,” said Brig. Gen. Tesler. “In light of events
The home front command officers last met with the authorities in order to coordinate preparedness and competency level.

Protective systems Division will continue in accordance with the annual work plan. Protective systems are just some of the defensive components. פקע”ר רמ”ט said that “warning is a first-rate, and we operate on several levels in order to provide efficient, reliable warning and focused every citizen and citizen. Personal protection and the public are essential to the strength of the nape. The HFC provides alternative protection solutions based on the principle of most environmental protected space.

The HFC to emergencies throughout the year and maintains national and local exercises to maintain readiness and prepare for all scenarios. The information center of the home front command, which runs 24 hours a day, and the charge that spread across the country are available to respond to any question, to all citizens.

Translated from Hebrew