Front command: set any earthquake scenario


The control unit of the national search and rescue of the home front command, Colonel rmatin
Sveti, referring to recent earthquakes recorded in the northern region and refers to refresh the help instructions to civilians.

תאריך: 21/10/2013, 21:06    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The control unit of the national search and rescue (יחצ”א), which handled tens
Earthquake events around the world and constitute the cutting edge rescue forces in the event of a destructive earthquake in Israel, clarifies tonight (Monday) to the IDF website “in the HFC abnormal following the last earthquake sequence”.

Chief of public relations, Colonel Sveti rmatin, stressed that “earthquake is carried out ochntheno
Build long-term strength and engaging in many topic for years. Special activities right now to refresh the guidance to residents on our Web site, but recruiting reserves or other irregularities “preparations.

The year 2012 has been set on the HFC as the year of preparation for earthquakes, and carried out training and its predecessor the network capabilities for such an event, held Israel statistical
About once a century. Among other things, hens were about new programs that take the capabilities
All IDF to assist the State of Israel the day after this emergency scenario; Use the volume control and Israeli military control to the rescue forces and medicine in the most efficient manner
, Harnessing the IDF logistics capabilities to help the region were destroyed, and even entire divisions’s perception of affected cities.

Public relations Chief explained that as a result of lessons learned in the unit than earthquakes,
As well as following the worsening of the reference scenario which indicates a high amount of rockets and missiles on your neck, tailored care in small squads and skills which can make simultaneously to more events than ever.

Currency advanced capabilities and rich experience in medical and rescue their required of earthquakes, the promoter will be required to the most complex cases, when regular and reserve the
Of the other פקע”ר work in the rest of the field.

Just last week finished annual training unit exercise a variety of capabilities, which are held on a regular basis due to the special skills of the public relations and the highest level of alert. “It was a very successful exercise that examined a variety of rescue skills,” explained Colonel Sveti.

“We hope very much that when we test to do our job in the best possible way,” said יחצ”א Chief.” we are in very good relations with the Government Committee for earthquake preparedness, which also sit with the rest of the people who require emergency day event. We are very prepared, but we understand that there are no dangerous earthquakes, there are dangerous structures, and we hope that progress will be made on the issue in the coming years.

This year marks 30 years or during which helped disaster unit complex international mass, including Armenia, Turkey, Japan, India, Mexico, Kenya, Ghana, etc.

Translated from Hebrew