Frontal crash and company staff had a unique workout 10

צילום: יסמין דר, אט”ל

The exercise, designed to strengthen cooperation between the two units, which practiced dealing with mass-casualty incident in the northern sector.

תאריך: 25/02/2013, 14:59    
מחבר: אלעד לביא ורוני צידון, אט“ל

Remove the front company (פלה”ק) and chirogy emergency team (” 10 “) first held a combined training for strengthening cooperation between the two units.
In the medical corps. So far registered cooperation between units, especially in emergencies.

The joint exercise were פלה”ק 91st Division and emergency surgical staff of southern command. The teams were required to operate in multiple casualty event scenario in the northern sector, it is not medical forces to evacuate the hospital, and the surgical team is the final step in treating the wounded.

Using simulated casualties who were trained how to “play the injury and responding to treatment, the men in company practice sorting and treating the wounded, and carry one in the chirogy team started a few meters. Ten members of the surgical team kicked
Gloves and similar surgery ended successfully, “The goal was to take
The surgical team, the next battle will work together with abortion, and create now the connection between them so the transfer is quick and effective, “the ogdati medical officer of 91st Division, Lt. Col. Hagai Frankel.

Practice indicates the opening shot to process Medical Corps began in recent weeks, which brings your surgery and intensive care to the battlefield and soldiers. Examining the cooperation started in send experiment which was conducted in January, which examined the capabilities of both teams – deployment and surface treatment – and how to connect them. The intention is to apply the work as quickly as possible and to put various units connection so that some abortion surgery team will be organic to the unit.

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