Future leaders practice the occupation of a Lebanese village in the integrated fight.

תרגיל סק”ם בשיזפון. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The SEC, a series of combined arms combat trains cadets for combat with troops not known, opened yesterday in capabilities: “what is high level.”

תאריך: 10/08/2013, 15:55    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

איסוף קרבי

The opening shot of the series battle of GoC army headquarters took place yesterday in comprehensive capabilities which seemed ROTC land occupation of a Lebanese village. Battlefield series, part of the combat officers qualification, designed to to send multidimensional cooperation in accordance with the new doctrines of the IDF.

“It is important to establish professional dialogue among the troops,” said the IDF site shizafon base where the exercise, Colonel strong guy Hasson. “We realize that in this age there is no way to resist without collaboration, task and exercise.”

The commander said that the practice was made of “using all the relevant territory.
Cadets practice Warrior mountain and shtachach built, against multiple enemy types.

In a conversation with the cadets Brigade stressed that “what you do here will have to do. The ability to achieve a product that requires skillful and professional system. The ability to make such a force strength is validated is the challenge in front of you.

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The ability view took part, air force
As if to make it an integral part of the land is already at tactical. “We added that cooperation was not like air force, first in SEC (attack helicopter-f), and we have more engineering corps, said the IDF armored Jeep site game, Lt. Col. Rafi Wolfson. “In addition, we employ a sec sec more systems
Control and supervision. Every time we take the exercises closer to reality and take them to the end.

The SEC take part: cadets, armor, artillery, combat and collection. “That’s the beauty of battle, every time someone else have an advantage,” said Commander shizafon.

“Ultimately, I’m looking at the contribution of knowledge and expertise,” added Colonel Hasson. “It helps to imagine what would. Required level
An elusive enemy platoon commander facing we might come across it in 2013 is very high, and we’re doing it. “


Translated from Hebrew