Future transport aircraft of the IDF went to maiden flight

מטוס השמשון בטיסת הבכורה שלו, בארה”ב. צילום: חיל האוויר

The Samson (Hercules J), first coined a month ago חיה”א icon, made first flight for me. it is expected to land on Earth in 2014, then install it from other Israeli systems

תאריך: 18/04/2013, 16:38    
מחבר: שני פומס, אתר חיל-האוויר

Another important step in preparation for the arrival of Samson:
The first plane lands in 2014 went for the first flight over u.s. skies, where it is produced. The flight that took place last week and lasted about three hours, she shot an opening to more flights leaving in the next few days. “Last flight safely,” said Lt. Col. Ben, Chief of staff of Samson. “This is symbolic and significant step in the process of the plane.
And in the process of establishing the Squadron “.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Ben flight goal was to examine the existing systems on the plane and check they are. “The plane is very advanced and it comes with a management and control system
Computerized, “he explained. “After this flight will install on it systems.
The air force wants to adjust the Samson to missions.

The first sortie of transport plane carried American pilots innovative, but in the coming months is expected to fly to the us team of pilots and navigators who will
Localization in Samson. The training of air crews take several months and below utilize other factors related to the operation of the plane as the inspectors are loading in the trunk and technical teams. “The Samson is the big brother of the species,” said Lieutenant Colonel. “Some tasks have overlapping, but that in the future they will have different missions and separate”.

Translated from Hebrew