Gaza Division adopts children Be’er tuvia’s Bar Mitzvah

צילום: דובר צה”ל

“Open” base Division showed the youths met with engineering and the Brigade fighters who carry operational employment in the Division’s northern sector.

תאריך: 31/01/2012, 10:21    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

My son’s Bar Mitzvah and Be’er tuvia settlement reached last weekend to open Gaza Division’s base as a bar mitzvah. In passing the bar mitzvah several important design values lives as adults.

In the base of “open”, the youth in order to experience ה”ביטחון value”, in which after a settlement entered into Gaza Strip grads range from operation cast lead in December 2008. Bar Mitzvah children met during the visit engineering fighters and warriors of the rest is operational in sector employment Northern Division.

Gaza Division adopts children Be’er tuvia’s Bar Mitzvah

During the visit, the commanders and soldiers on the ground, explained to children the commandment of
Day of work, presented them with the means they use and explore them. Teens also have a special experience when you got a chance to see inside the
The Actual “,” Giant Excavator used engineering fighters to their level of warriors in combat.

Bar Mitzvah children met the soldiers who work day and night to protect the residents are within the threat from India and their influence on the hard work they do for them.

Translated from Hebrew