Gaza’s Angels

חמ”ל סמב”ציות בפעולה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The situation of the Gaza Division Samba manage all operations sector event –
And there are quite a few. 24 hours a day, the situation of Gaza day and night, but not to fatigue the face now dwarfed by the sense of satisfaction under heavy on their shoulders

תאריך: 13/08/2012, 12:25    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Whenever you hear about a rocket that was fired into the Gaza Strip, whenever you cross the border infiltrators, all attempts to smuggle drugs and weapons every day,
Every night and every hour on the situation of Gaza Division Samba and pulling the strings behind the scenes. From the field commander to the commanding champion, both jumping powers.
And relaxing them. Are between the commanders in the field. They see the big picture and essential conclusions sicot soon. The situation in Gaza that no day and no home. And you dare to call them “.

On duty 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year (or, in a leap year) has no beginning and no end. Once you enter a situation the first thing to realize is the vitality and energy. Tinkering. Every second ringing phone on a new case, or update. Three telephones ring simultaneously. It’s hard to catch everything that happens without a guide and very patient.

19:00, encrypted phone sound. All .. .grow silent. Listen to the message. A brief silence for a few seconds before the storm. They are attentive, attuned ears attached, and as soon as the second voice paused are pozchot. Now, in a second, all officers will be here! ‘, ensures responsible duty corporal, and Sapphire to work. The reports are starting to arrive. Soldiers
The Gaza Strip border heard arm all shots. The phones connectors between Soviet commanders, Samba and apparently almost all over the world. The officers arrive, fill the room, instructions and orders are delivered, the phones are playing regularly and run under the fingers of countless shinano.

19:00, and the situation is calm and quiet again. As moods. Just one storm in the first seconds of uncertainty, followed by peace and calm when all puzzle pieces completed image. There was no shooting at the troops, but the depth of field. The event.

They have a few minutes. This time they are on all programs slated to go into effect during the night shift – patch set, to the ground, repairing cameras or farming. They never missing work. “When I got drafted, I didn’t know what
Really סמב”צית. Stand for? I thought it worked I found it really isn’t just a receptionist
With phones. Then I decided to do this particular job, so instead most importantly – Gaza “, explains corporal base amidst a twinkling computer monitors situation and change every moment. To hear a whole sentence her grace, he phones. “I’m going to stay here until the end of the service. Whenever there is a new event, and as I’m off shift is responsible for the safekeeping and feel the pride rock – I was part of the event, I acted and I “, she describes and indeed several hours later.
It finishes and looks like a half hour out FSU.

9:02 pm, and new event makes an appearance. Lightning moving rapidly between Samba.
Again the phones come to life and images of the focus. Siren rips the air. They tell that when you hear about escalations every two seconds the boat, announcing the event. The colors on the screens flashing numerous colors – Blue, yellow, green, pink. Throughout the night and get updates about the event. As the light with the big picture in brighter event.

Not pass 50 minutes and “red” alarm sounded by hand. Their voices are a bit more nervous, the siren doesn’t really improve. Are in contact with the responsible for iron Dome, but the mortar bomb falls open. Hands fast numbers hiigot (“my memory is much better now. I remember lots of numbers and it controls memory key. Right now, I need to know where to call, you can’t start looking for numbers, “says later cpl. base). You can smell the smoke rises from the atkatock fingers and see it out of my mind trying to complete the picture of the artist. Where, who, what, where land forces, instead, if they heard a boom.
And many question marks.

“At least we got a few minutes earlier reported that ‘ red ‘ at Erez crossing,” regulatory jokingly corporal Tal Mosseri, סמב”צית. The background behind it, behind camera like floating Ghost in black and white, but these are just people. All around them in traffic and jumped, and before the night shift overlap.

Then at 10:43 pm, by blue clock above, little storytellers Festival situation responsible duty corporal, takes the torch for the next shift, TAHAL icon. As the situation pragmatically and are just one moment escaping belonging to Nelson jokes and funny comments. After a half day of vigil calling for their attention, stop working on three things at the same time. “There are casualties?” – don’t have weapons? ”
– Some trail “– not. Like this more or less sound dialogue. As 21 questions game with an event where specials posted.

Blue clock above replaces date and time is getting late, once again taking a deep breath after a shooting, lighting, laser and observations. “Fighters in here understand our role, but many others don’t. I personally
Feel the responsibility in my role, we are dealing with human lives, “responsible for the night shift, Sergeant. “We are experiencing a lot of things. Not easy for a 20-year-old girl to report injured or, God forbid, kill. But that’s our job, and service is very significant. “

Proof of the importance comes in 07 when stori Lior solimanov answer the phone.
“We heard explosions in Kissufim at the moment,” she announces before the end of the tube.
The reports are added. Some of the things that happen in this room come next morning newspapers. Wheezing, contact, whispering urgent calls. Agricultural works in the area of equipment. “I have a friend who serves in Kissufim. He didn’t answer me, which is always the biggest concern, trying to explain solimanov between trying to get it to work.

Between them, they speak a different language. Language with grammar rules, new words and phrases you don’t know the meaning. They are spoken in that as “I” or “spoken” and same frequency value.

Later, reported the bombing and hijacking network. All up to date
With astonishing speed. Then in the wee hours of the night didn’t happen a lot and your stomach is sending signals. All once going to a small kitchenette and made herself noodles.
Or toast or cutlet or a salad or a sandwich. She sits on a plastic chair and eating what we made, sometimes it is even a bowl of corn flakes, and returns to duty a few minutes later. “It’s not dinner,” explains Sergeant Speer’s lunch. Everything is upside down on the night shift. I drink coffee at 8 a.m. and it’s dinner. “

5:30:00. The girls all facts on the dialog. Outside the Sun seems to shine, but inside there is no difference – here in the middle of the sky 24/7. Blue clock above continues to progress. All of the changes, and then the minutes. 5:57, 5:58, 5:59 am. In the first news radio this morning give signs of awakening. Not mentioned the events of the night. All warriors Division stood guard during the night to make sure no terrorist doesn’t hurt residents, ensuring no harm and no penetrating rocket landing in Noi
Without interception. Round the clock the Samba do fine.

“We wrote to politics. Syria shelled the city in the … 60-year-old man was missing.
The weather – warm … ” Passing news, unaware to dramas that took place, the phones ring, the orders given to pages. The eyes of the State, and residents worry about in the sector, charged and challenging. Full grace and seriousness, the Samba is complete another shift – and the next shift.

Translated from Hebrew